Simple Mode for WordPress? Meet Easy Blogging!

Simple Mode for WordPress? Meet Easy Blogging!

The first offering we have for the 100 plugins countdown at WPMU DEV is actually a pack of plugins, which we hope will transform how you and your users can use WordPress & WPMU!

A simple interface for WordPress

The easy blogging suite consists of the Easy Blogging plugin, the Easy Blogging Wizard and  Easy Blogging Tooltips.

Central to these, the Easy blogging plugin transforms the admin area for your users to a simple, straightforward and uncomplicated tabbed interface where they can complete 99% of tasks that regular WordPress or WPMU users find themselves doing.

Easy Blogging Screenshot

Users can easily switch between the ‘regular’ administrative panel and this new interface, and have a nice new ‘Help’ popup for every page that you can easily customize.

It even integrates perfectly with our Supporter upgrades plugin, so that users with easy blogging can still see premium themes, premium support and find out about the great extra benefits your Supporter package supplies.

And then there’s the Easy Blogging Wizard plugin, which we reckon is really the icing on the cake of easy blogging!

Easy Blogging Wizard Screengrab

This plugin allows provides for new bloggers that choose the Easy Blogging interface, a straightforward wizard that incorporates selecting their first theme, and making their first post.

You can even add or remove different steps under your site admin menu with a simple drag and drop interface – it’s very cool :)

And last, but not least, we wanted to make sure that you could provide extra help not only to Easy Blogging users, but regular (advanced) admin area users too, so we invested the Tooltips plugin.

Example of tooltip for wordpress in action

This plugin adds explanatory tooltips over significant / difficult areas throughout easy blogging and also on a regular WordPress / WPMU site.

So your users need be no longer in the dark about what they have to do, or what some of the more complex elements are, in th ebackend of any WordPress or WPMU installation!

And it doesn’t even require easy blogging to be installed.

Download Easy Blogging Download Easy Blogging WizardDownload Easy Blogging Tooltips

So, there you go, the first of our major releases in our countdown to 100 plugins… we’ll be announcing the winner of the first annual membership in the next post but you can still enter by visiting this post and following the instructions there (it’s easy as pie, and there aren’t that many entries so you have a great chance of winning!)