Simplify User Blog Posting With the BuddyPress Quickpress Plugin

Simplify User Blog Posting With the BuddyPress Quickpress Plugin

We’ve been keeping an eye on the BuddyPress QuickPress plugin for awhile, which was put out as an alpha release at the end of November 2009. It contained a slew of known bugs yet also tremendous potential. The plugin allows users to post blogs “quickpress” style without having to access the dashboard for their blogs. Yesterday I downloaded an updated version of this plugin from our friends over at Hopefully the changes will be committed to the original plugin that is currently in the repository.

This plugin is really helpful if you want your users to be able to interact with your site and blog quickly without having to learn the in and outs of the WordPress dashboard. Some of us could probably install WordPress and post blogs in our sleep, but there are many people out there to whom the WordPress dashboard is a completely foreign place. If you want to make blog posting a cinch, pop this plugin into your BuddyPress installation and watch your user contribution grow.

As you can see from the screenshot, this plugin adds Quickpress under the user options of the blogs component:


How to Install BuddyPress Quickpress Plugin

1. Download the zip file here:

2. Put the folder in the plugin folder /wp-content/plugins/

3. A default theme is included into the plugin.  If you want to customize it, copy the subdirectory /quickpress from /theme into your current theme directory, then customize the files.
The custom files will be loaded prior to the default ones.
For example:  Copy this directory  /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-quickpress/theme/quickpress /  
over to
…and customize the theme from there.