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Sitewide “three-in-one” Multi Widget Panel

Update December 29, 2015: This post is part of the WPMU DEV Blog archive and contains information that is out-of-date, but we’re keeping it on the blog for posterity. For all the latest WordPress news and resources, check out the WPMU DEV Blog.

Sitewide “three-in-one” Multi Widget Panel

  • Choose the blog ID to feature from the widget control panel, by default it will use Donncha’s Sitewide Tags Pages(‘tags_blog_id’) if installed. Blog_id is matched against existing public blogs.
  • Checkboxes to enable(and title) each sub-widget within the multi-widget control
  • Sitewide Tag Cloud
    • default(no options) for now
  • Sitewide Recent Posts
    • Display 0-10 most recent posts
      • full post, post excerpt, no post content
      • titles
      • author
      • date
      • comment link
      • post category
      • post tags
      • avatars(any size 8-80 px)
    • Filtered by Sitewide Tags(comma separated list)
    • Filtered by Sitewide Categories
  • Sitewide Archives
    • daily
    • weekly
    • monthly
    • yearly


Installation Notes: You’ll want Donncha’s Sitewide Tags Pages(v 0.2) installed and running for a while (to generate posts in the tags blog). I have not tested this widget with any other sitewide tags-type aggregation, but user can substitute any existing public blog id if the ‘tags_blog_id’ doesn’t exist. Sitewide “three-in-one” Multi Widget Panel is a widget so put it with he rest of your wpmu widgets. Designed/tested for WPMU2.6.