Slide to Comment: The Newest and Sexiest Way to Fight WordPress Spam

In the never-ending battle against spam, WordPress plugin developers are constantly being challenged to create solutions that will block spam but still make it easy for genuine human users to comment and participate. A new tool is available for WordPress sites that provides a fun and intuitive captcha that is much simpler than requiring users to answer inane questions or decipher barely legible letters. Slide2Comment is my new favorite plugin and I haven’t seen it in use on very many sites yet. This anti-spam captcha utlizes an iPhone-like slider to prevent spam bots from accessing your comment form. Once the user slides the arrow, the comment form appears and the slider disappears. The plugin is based on a jQuery technique which you can read more about at

Long Hoang developed this plugin and has already added many more features than the first version. The good news for our readers is that it works on WordPress, WPMU, and BuddyPress sites. Download the plugin from the WordPress repository, activate it, and then navigate to Settings >> Slide2Comment. If you use it with WPMU, make sure to activate it site-wide to have it work on all of your blogs. There you can edit the CSS and change the appearance of the slider to match your theme. You may also select the option to have the slider work without having to click on it.

If there were one more feature I’d request of the developer, it would be the ability to restrict new blog registration by using the slider as well. Perhaps enough positive responses from users might convince him? :) Otherwise, maybe we’ll provide a tutorial on it, if anyone is interested. Cast your votes below. ;)