Slides from Designing For Humans with BuddyPress Presentation

The crowd at WordCamp Netherlands was privileged to have expert BuddyPress designer Tammie Lister as a speaker this year. If you weren’t lucky enough to be able to attend, don’t worry – you can at least check out the slides.

I highly recommend this presentation if you’re thinking about getting into BuddyPress design. The focus is on designing for human needs, including emotional needs like love, belonging, self-esteem and safety. Tammie outlines many useful rules for community design. Creating an emotional response in the user is one of the important things you can do to get a user hooked. She also suggests ways to facilitate communication and interaction among your members.

Here are the slides from her “Designing For Humans with BuddyPress” presentation:

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Understanding human needs and instincts is critical for designing a successful social network. Tammie’s presentation will help you to grasp the basics of what it takes to create a personal and engaging experience for your community members. This is one BuddyPress presentation that you definitely want to bookmark and review when planning and designing your next BuddyPress community.