Smush Solves Internet-Old Problem (By, Erm, Now Resizing Images!)

We’ve all been there, volunteered to put up a website for the parents or taken a look at the local footy club page and wondered to ourselves WHY DID YOU UPLOAD FOUR HUNDRED 2.8MB IMAGES????

Well, wonder no more! No more searching for bulk image resizing desktop utilities and no more fretting about your server space.

Because now Smush, in both free and pro versions, will totally resize them for you!

Since WP Smush Pro was launched we’ve added sooo much new stuff. Head over to the project page to check out all the new features! Check out WP Smush Pro

Here’s what the brand new feature does after Smushing them:

  1. Takes your uploaded original images
  2. Allows you to simply set a maximum height and width
  3. Goes through every single image and if it’s larger, crunches it down
  4. Gets rid of the old image (you can also keep the old image if you want, but that’s kinda self-defeating if you just wanna save space)

So, in this brave new world, you no longer have to wait for that 9216 x 13312 monitor you’ve been saving up for – every single image you serve will be delightfully viewable, right off the bat, and your hard disk will love you for it.

Let’s do a demo run on a friend’s site (who is *totally* guilty of uploading vast numbers of huge images).

Step 1: Install Smush

Install the WPMU DEV Dashboard and in one click install Smush. Of course, you can also install the version of Smush, but why would you do that when you can use the pro version for free right here!

Step 2: Get Ready to Rumble

I told you she liked uploading images… It’s an artist website after all :)

Woah! 4,097 images! No problem, time to get smushing.
Woah! 4,097 images! No problem, time to get smushing.

Step 3: Flex Your Image Resizing Skills

Roll down those options and select the maximum image size your want remaining on your server… As you presumably also want to reduce the size of the remaining images, select them to be smushed, too.

Resizing your original images is as easy as toggling the option.
Resizing your original images is as easy as toggling the option.

It’s set by default to 2048 x 2048, but I wanted a bit more goodness.

Step 4: Sit Back and Enjoy

This is gonna take a while, so I’ll leave it running overnight…

Bulk smush 4000+ images? Too easy.
Bulk smush 4000+ images? Too easy.
How about that – 71.91% savings so far! Those hard drives (and Google!) are gonna love me :) Happy smushing!
James Farmer
Do you use Smush? Have you checked out the new resizing feature? Let us know in the comments below what you think about the new feature!