Snapshot, Clone, Copy, Template: The WPMU DEV Multisite Copying Toolkit

Snapshot, Clone, Copy, Template: The WPMU DEV Multisite Copying Toolkit

WPMU DEV’s recent release of the Cloner plugin put another powerful site copying tool into the hands of WordPress multisite network owners’ hands.

Cloner, together with Snapshot, Multisite Content Copier and New Blog Templates, provides a suite of multisite tools that cover the bases when it comes to copying data from one site to another, even multiple, destinations.

But which tool should you use when?

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WPMU DEV offers a suite of tools to meet all of your site duplication needs

With 4 tools, all concerned with copying a site’s data, there’s almost inevitably going to be some hesitation over which tool to use when. So let’s step through each tool and find out what its focus is and how it can help you better manage your WordPress multisite network.

  • Snapshot - Time Machine For Your Website

    Snapshot is the ultimate WordPress backup plugin: it really is Time Machine for your website.

    The plugin allows you to schedule a backup of a single install, a single site on a multisite network or the entire multisite network at an interval of your choosing from immediately to once-a-month.

    You can create multiple backup jobs and the data can be stored locally or preferably on a host of external service providers including DropBox, Amazon S3 and Google Drive.

    The plugin allows you to select the data that will be backed up allowing, for example, to backup the database at more frequent intervals than the files (media).

    And once the Snapshot schedule is created, you can sit back comfortable in the knowledge that Snapshot and WP-Cron will be automatically creating the backups that can easily be restored to help you recover from disaster virtually stress-free.

  • Multisite Content Copier - Copying To Multiple Destinations

    If you want to copy posts, pages, custom post types, users and even plugins to a single site, all sites or a group of sites on your WordPress multisite network then Multisite Content Copier (MCC) is a prime candidate.

    MCC’s strength lies in its fine grained control – you can copy just a single post – and its Blog Groups – a definable grouping of related sites.

    When copying posts and pages, MCC ensures that all images are also copied across, making it a perfect tool for syndicating content from one site to any number of others.

    MCC also integrates with New Blog Templates enabling a Super Admin to also update the templates used for the creation of new sites.

    If you regularly copy content or users across a network then Multisite Content Copier is the tool for the job.

    Interested in Multisite Content Copier - Copying To Multiple Destinations?

  • New Blog Templates - A Head-start For New Sites

    New Blog Template

    New Blog Templates is all about providing absolute control over multisite’s built-in site creation functionality.

    New Blog Templates allows a network owner to ensure that every new site is created using a pre-defined set of content, themes, plugins and settings by specifying an existing site to be used as a template.

    Multiple templates can be created and categorized to build a library of templates to be selected by site admins and network members when creating a new site.

    As the templates are based on existing sites, the site can be updated and any subsequent new sites will incorporate those changes.

    New Blog Templates is a must-have tool for any WordPress multisite network owner who wants to ensure consistency and quality, especially for those networks that allow members to create their own sites.

  • Cloner - Site Replication Your Way

    The latest tool in the Multisite Copying Tool Suite, Cloner brings site replication to a multisite network.

    Choose your own combination of 9 site components, or all of them for complete site replication, and get an clone of any site on the network (except the root site).

    Clone a site for troubleshooting or staging, give users from one site access to another or simply copy content (including attachments) from one site to another in just a few clicks.

Using the right tool for the job is always important and this suite offers many possibilities when it comes to copying a site’s essential data.

Whilst each is available individually, WPMU DEV members have access to all 4 tools as part of their membership. If you find yourself regularly trying to duplicate aspects of a site on your WordPress multisite network, then you may well find that this suite of tools saves you a great deal of precious time.