Sneak Peek At The New Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme

The first draft of the new Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme was made public this week. Mark Jaquith introduced the new theme on The goals for the Twenty Thirteen theme are to provide a focus on blogging as well as great support for post formats.

Here’s a quick peek at what the design team has been up to:

Twenty Thirteen Default Theme

Check out a live demo.

The new theme makes liberal use of bright colors in order to emphasize the different post formats. It includes Genericons, a font-based icon set created by @altjoen of Automattic. These icons will scale to any resolution and can be re-colored via CSS.

Twenty Thirteen 404 page
Twenty Thirteen does support a sidebar, but it was designed to be best with a single column layout and widgets housed in the footer of the site.

Knowing this theme would ruffle some feathers, Mark Jaquith explains the idea behind the bold departure from traditional WordPress default themes:

Some of you will hate it. And that’s okay. We’ll still be shipping Twenty Twelve, which is an excellent base theme and a canvas on which you can build anything from a blog to a static content site. But with Twenty Thirteen we’re taking a bold stance: this theme was meant for blogging, and it’s not a blank canvas. It comes pre-marinated with playfulness and warmth and opinions.

Now, don’t anyone have a heart attack if you don’t like it. You can always use Twenty Twelve to build your business website. Twenty Thirteen is here to highlight WordPress as a blogging platform.

The new Twenty Thirteen theme will ship with the upcoming WordPress 3.6 release, due sometime in April. Like it, love it, hate it? Let us know in the comments.