The Ultimate Social Media Plugin Guide for WordPress

The Ultimate Social Media Plugin Guide for WordPress

Social media is important. I know that, you know that. So why do I keep blathering on about it? Well, because understanding how you can best integrate social media into your websites can aid in the success of your site tremendously.

I mean, just think about it: social media makes your website look relevant and up-to-date. It gives your visitors a way to connect and interact with you directly. Plus, it gives them a way to share your content with their followers and friends.

Well, it can do all of these things if you actually include proper social integration on your site. And it’s so easy to add that there are really no excuses.

Today, we’re going to focus on the numerous ways you can add social media to WordPress by means of third-party tools. More often than not, said tools take the form of plugins. My original intent was to be comprehensive here. But one glance at the plugin repository and premium plugin markets told me I’d be in way over my head with that goal. Instead, I’ve put together what I think are the best social media plugins available right now, many of which you’ve probably never tried before. 

I’ve also broken down this guide into several categories including social media feeds, social sharing, social icons and buttons, scheduling, comments, and content lockers for easier browsing.

We have a lot of ground to cover here, so let’s get started.

Plugins That Add Social Feeds

Here’s a huge collection of plugins that allow you to add social media feeds from all or specific social networks directly to your WordPress site. They are organized from those that are all-inclusive to those that focus on a single network. It’s easy to get lost here, as I’ve included a lot of plugins and this isn’t even all of those currently available. Hey, at least you have plenty of options to choose from, right?

  • TwineSocial

    TwineSocial is an all-in-one social media feed plugin that allows you to display your latest social content directly on your site. You can organize it all by accounts, hashtags, multimedia, or another variable you prefer. This plugin also provides you with a stylish presentation for your photos, videos, and text.

    It includes support for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Tumblr, Flickr, and LinkedIn and you can set up rules to specify what social posts are included in your feeds and which are not. It also includes shortened URL support, a video player, permalinks, a responsive grid, infinite scroll, custom CSS, multi-language support, analytics, and more.

  • Feeder Ninja

    Another plugin worth checking out is called Feeder Ninja. It’s perfect for creating embedded feeds out of your social media content and includes support for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, and RSS.

    This plugin is free to use but you do have to sign up for a free Feeder Ninja account before you can create your custom feeds.

  • Juicer

    Juicer is another plugin you can use to add social media feeds to your WordPress site. Just input your social media account name or a preferred hashtag and a feed of all of your posts will appear in an embedded shortcode. The feeds auto-update and provide a stylish display for social content from all the popular, main social sites plus Google+, Yelp, and DeviantArt.

    This plugin also adds permalinks to your social posts, SEO optimization, a responsive layout, infinite scroll, auto-approval, custom CSS, and analytics.

  • Social Streams

    Here’s another plugin that allows you to collect and display all of your social media content in one place to create a social hub on your WordPress site. It works with Twitter and Instagram and is very easy to use. It prioritizes photography, making this an ideal plugin to use for those who want to add socially curated image collections quickly.

    Other features include auto-approval, a full page event stream, shortcode integration, a responsive grid-style layout, and more.

    Interested in Social Streams?

  • RebelMouse

    RebelMouse is a social hub plugin that makes it possible to connect all of your social media feeds and display them on your website. It works with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other networks. You can display your accounts or hashtags. Once setup, you can view a stylish feed of social content that automatically updates as soon as you share something new. You do have to signup at the website but the plugin is free.

  • WordPress Social Stream

    Another option for integrating all of your social feeds into one place is WordPress Social Stream. This plugin creates a single feed out of all of your social profiles using a filterable jQuery isotope-powered social network wall. Or you can display a rotating feed list, if you’d like.

    You can combine multiple streams into a single feed from numerous social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, RSS, YouTube, Dribbble, Vimeo, Flickr, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Delicious, and Stumbleupon. WordPress Social Stream is a premium plugin and costs $19.

    Interested in WordPress Social Stream?

  • WordPress Social Timeline

    The WordPress Social Timeline plugin is still another method of displaying social media posts from multiple networks in one feed on your website. Plus it maintains the timeline format and displays your posts with the newest ones first. It works with most popular social networks as well as a few we have yet to mention here like Lastfm, Dribbble, and Digg.

    Display your feed within a widget and customize its appearance. It also includes social filter support, cross-browser support, and full documentation. WordPress Social Timeline costs $14.

    Interested in WordPress Social Timeline?

  • POWr Social Feed

    Another plugin option is the POWr Social Feed. It lets you display posts from just about any social network thanks for a drop-in widget. You can also add your feeds within pages or posts with the handy POWr button that’s added to the editor after install. It comes with support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo, Tumblr, RSS, and Dailymotion.

    It also supports account names, hashtags, and even site URLs. You can customize the look and feel of your feed, change sizing and spacing, and the feeds you create are responsive. A premium version is available as well that allows you to display up to 5 feeds, view analytics, and receive support.

    There is actually a whole collection of plugins that add individual feeds from different social networks to your site by POWr as well. There are specific plugins for adding feeds from Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, and Tumblr.

    Interested in POWr Social Feed?

  • Flow-Flow Social Stream

    Another way to display social feeds from multiple networks is through the use of Flow-Flow Social Stream. This plugin displays posts in a masonry grid and uses smart caching to ensure your latest social posts display quickly. It’s also quite secure and keeps app IDs and tokens secret.

    It includes support for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram and is speed optimized. It includes CSS3 transitions and animations, a responsive layout and also offers plenty of design options, multisite compatibility, and cross-browser compatibility. The Pro version comes with post approval, more social network support, more design options, admin filtering, lightboxes, sharing buttons, grid content search, and more.

    Interested in Flow-Flow Social Stream?

  • Feed Them Social

    Feed Them Social is still another great plugin option for creating social media feeds from multiple networks and/or accounts. It’s responsive, so looks good on any device, and allows for photo and video display from Facebook Pages, Groups, Albums, Album Covers, and Events. It includes custom font colors, like and follow buttons, a shortcode generator, and more.

    The premium extension lets you customize the number of posts displayed from each feed, includes infinite scroll, and full support.

    Interested in Feed Them Social?

  • SoGrid Lite

    SoGrid Lite is a plugin that lets you display posts from social networks in a grid. Every post type is supported here and you can display the grid whenever you’d like on your site thanks to a shortcode.

    This plugin is straightforward and easy to use. It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, Dribble, and VKontake.

  • Custom Facebook Feed

    If all you’re after is a way to display your Facebook posts, Custom Facebook Feed is a good choice. This plugin is responsive, customizable, and SEO-friendly. You can display feeds from multiple Facebook pages or groups and place them anywhere you’d like on your site using a shortcode.

    This plugin also includes support for events, custom CSS, caching, the ability to show or hide parts of posts, as well as offers control over the height, width, padding, and background color of the feed as a whole. It also has support for tags, hashtags, and you can select the number of posts, a date range of posts to feature, and a maximum character length. Custom header and localization support is also included.

    Interested in Custom Facebook Feed?

  • Facebook Social Stream

    Another Facebook-only feed option is the Facebook Social Stream plugin. This one is responsive, SEO-friendly, and uses caching as well. It’s designed to be used with or without the Facebook API key and is designed to be as simple as possible without skimping on features.

    You can customize the look and feel here without touching the CSS. Also, hashtags and links are preserved as HTML links within the feeds. This plugin also includes support for embedded YouTube videos, Facebook events, and multiple themes.

    Interested in Facebook Social Stream?

  • FaceBook Feed

    FaceBook Feed is another plugin option that allows you to create a responsive feed that you can customize for display on your site. It works with all post types, events, multiple date formats, and supports caching, multiple design options and more.

    In fact, you can customize the text size, text color, image borders, alignment, and post character count.You can also customize the CSS.

    Interested in FaceBook Feed?

  • Facebook Page Plugin

    Another fairly popular plugin is the Facebook Page Plugin, that uses the Graph API v2.3 to ensure your WordPress posts and info display on your site seamlessly. It comes with a widget that you can add to any widgetized area on your site or you can use a shortcode to display it within posts and pages.

    It also comes with a shortcode generator and includes localization support.

    Interested in Facebook Page Plugin?

  • Simple Facebook Plugin

    The last Facebook-only plugin option we’ll discuss here is the aptly named Simple Facebook Plugin, which lets Facebook Page admins embed their Page’s feeds on WordPress sites. It’s very straightforward and lets users see the number of people who like the Page, read recent posts, and Like the page.

    Interested in Simple Facebook Plugin?

  • AccessPress Twitter Feed

    A dedicated Twitter plugin option is the AccessPress Twitter Feed. It works by displaying real-time Twitter feeds anywhere you’d like on your site using a widget or a shortcode. You have the option of displaying a straightforward feed or a slider as well.

    You have numerous options over the settings here as well like the number of tweets to display, 3 design templates, date and time format, and more. It also comes with caching, is easy to set up, and provides support.

    Interested in AccessPress Twitter Feed?

  • Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin

    The Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin lets you show off your latest tweets in a simple widget that’s easy to set up. It’s designed to work with any theme and you can customize the link color, border color, background color, and more to get the precise look you want.

    Interested in Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin?

  • Twitter Feed

    The Twitter Feed plugin is another way to display tweets from a Twitter account, including all of your photos, Vine videos, and YouTube videos, in a straightforward fashion. It comes with a widget and a shortcode for quick feed embedding and includes responsive skins for changing up the look.

    Other features include LTR and RTL support, caching, customization, tweet actions, and a usage tracking tool.

  • Kebo Twitter Feed

    The Kebo Twitter Feed plugin is yet another option to add tweets to your site with minimal fuss. It supports a widget and a shortcode and works with any theme and multisite. It automatically refreshes tweets in the background, is translation ready, and it handles the oAuth requests without necessitating the Twitter app. You also have control over whether a profile image is displayed, how media appears, and more.

    Interested in Kebo Twitter Feed?

  • TweetScroll Widget

    The TweetScroll Widget offers a different interface for displaying your latest tweets on your site. It works much like the other plugins here to display tweets in a feed in a widget but utilizes a slider to add a bit more style. You can select the number of tweets to show, what animations to use, date formats, timestamp, scrolling speed, and more.

    Interested in TweetScroll Widget?

  • Recent Tweets Widget

    The last Twitter-only plugin we’ll mention here is the Recent Tweets widget, which uses the latest Twitter API to cache your latest tweets so it doesn’t have to query Twitter proper every time the page loads. Your site won’t be rate limited then, and you can customize how often the cache is updated, too.

    Interested in Recent Tweets Widget?

  • AccessPress Instagram Feed

    Moving on to Instagram integration, the AccessPress Instagram Feed plugin is a good choice for displaying your latest Instagram posts in a mosaic format. It comes with three design layouts, a lightbox mode, a slider mode, and normal mode. It also has a widget and shortcode, a responsive design, and an easy-to-use interface for your visitors.

    Interested in AccessPress Instagram Feed?

  • Instagram Feed

    Another option for displaying your Instagram posts is the Instagram Feed plugin. You can use it to display posts from any non-private account in a single feed or multiple feeds. Other features include a responsive design and a customizable layout where you can select the height, width, columns, image sizes, background color, image spacing, and more.

    Your feed can be inserted in a widget or in posts via a shortcode. It also supports thumbnail or full-size photos, a “load more” button, a follow button, a stylish header, and custom CSS.

    Interested in Instagram Feed?

  • WD Instagram Feed

    The WD Instagram Feed plugin is a responsive, SEO-friendly option for inserting an unlimited number of Instagram feeds onto your site. You can insert feeds based on account names or hashtags and opt to include user meta data, if you wish. There’s an image browser layout, sorting options, load more and pagination options, a lightbox with captions, a follow me icon, as well as shortcode support.

    Interested in WD Instagram Feed?

  • Simple Instagram

    To complete our collection of Instagram-only feed plugins, there’s Simple Instagram, which is another great choice for automatically displaying your Instagram feed within just a couple of minutes. You can insert the feed in a widget or anywhere on your site via shortcode. Set up is simple and you can easily modify the settings to display your photos precisely how you prefer.

    Interested in Simple Instagram?

  • Pretty Pinterest Pins

    Integrating a Pinterest feed into your site can be helpful too, especially if you work in a visual field. The Pretty Pinterest Pins plugin allows you to display thumbnails and links to Pins directly on your site via a sidebar widget. You can customize the look of the widget, pick and choose what pins and what boards are displayed, opt to show or hide captions, and even display a Follow Me button.

    Interested in Pretty Pinterest Pins?

  • Pinterest Pinboard Widget

    Another option for adding a Pinterest feed to your site is the Pinterest Pinboard Widget plugin. It directly imports your Pin thumbnails to your site within a widget or on your posts and pages thanks to a shortcode. The idea is to maintain the look of Pinterest completely while the visitor stays on your site. It also uses caching to minimize site load.

    Interested in Pinterest Pinboard Widget?

  • Tumblr Widget

    If Tumblr integration is essential for your site’s demographic, the Tumblr Widget is a good choice. This plugin works like most of those already described here with a sidebar widget and lets you import all of your Tumblr posts, those with a certain tag, or those of a specific post type. Setup is quick and the output is clean.

    Interested in Tumblr Widget?

  • LinkedIn Auto Publish

    Trying to target the more professional set? A LinkedIn feed might be a good idea. The LinkedIn Auto Publish plugin makes it so your latest LinkedIn posts are published automatically on your website in a dedicated widget. You can filter items based on categories, post types, and even publish messages from your site directly to LinkedIn, if you wish.

    Interested in LinkedIn Auto Publish?

  • Professional LinkedIn Slider

    If a slider presentation is preferable, the Professional LinkedIn Slider plugin should work for you. It works by integrating your LinkedIn profile directly onto your site. It’s compatible with LinkedIn Pages, too, so visitors can see your credentials and your posts on that social network in one place. This is really great for those hoping to land future professional gigs.

    Interested in Professional LinkedIn Slider?

Plugins That Add Social Sharing Buttons

Another way you should integrate social to ensure you get the most out of each visitor is to add social sharing buttons. These most often appear at the top or bottom of posts, or in a floating sidebar of sorts to give visitors a constant reminder to share content they love with their friends and followers. Here’s a solid selection of social sharing button plugins worth considering:

  • Floating Social

    We had to include our own social share buttons, of course! Floating Social adds these buttons to your site so they float atop the content as a user scrolls. This makes it more likely that your visitors will share your content. It works with multiple social networks including Facebook Likes, Google+, Tweets, Pins, Buffer, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

    You can also add custom services to this lineup, enable short link use, customize the colors, and limit usage to certain post types or pages. Floating Social is responsive, easy to resize, and easy to setup. Most controls are toggle-based. It’s available on its own for $19 or as a part of a WPMU DEV membership for $24.50/month.

    Interested in Floating Social?

  • SumoMe Share

    SumoMe offers a whole host of social media plugin tools but its Share plugin is of particular interest here. It adds stylish share buttons to your website so visitors can share your content with their followers and friends on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It’s mobile-optimized and offers “smart” share buttons that automatically optimize based on the page’s content.

    Setting up this plugin is easy. With a drag-and-drop interface, these buttons can be up and running wherever you want them very quickly. SumoMe Share is free but you can go Pro to add more features.

  • Social Warfare

    Another great plugin to consider is Social Warfare. This social sharing plugin offers numerous tools all in one convenient package for optimizing the entire process of sharing on social media for your visitors. It’s designed to look great, load quickly, and to be completely customizable so you can achieve the precise look you want.

    Other features include Pinterest image shares, custom tweets, shareable quotes, Twitter Cards, social share counts, a popular posts widget, shortcodes, content protection, analytics, share count recovery, and a responsive design. Social Warfare costs $24 per year for a single website.

    Interested in Social Warfare?

  • ShareThis

    ShareThis is a free plugin option that adds sharing tools to your site quickly and easily. You can customize the layout and choose from over 80 different social networks to include. Simplicity is everything here, and this plugin offers a straightforward way for visitors to share content with no fuss.

  • Monarch

    Another premium plugin option to consider is Monarch by Elegant Themes. This plugin offers a stylish selection of buttons for over 20 social networks that can be added to five different locations on your site including above or below content, on images and videos, in a popup, in a fly-in, and in a floating sidebar. The popups and fly-ins include a timed delay, as well as triggers for the bottom of posts, after commenting, upon percentage scroll, after making a purchase, and after inactivity.

    Monarch gives you control over button shapes, colors, hover effects, and lets you display your social network account names, social share counts, and more. A Developer membership at Elegant Themes will give you access to this plugin for $89.

  • Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

    Another premium option is Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. This plugin includes everything you need to offer social sharing and to monitor your shares. It works with over 40 social networks and allows for simplified setup with the option to customize just about every aspect of the visual display.

    It also includes shortcodes, mobile optimization, click log analytics, Google Analytics tracking, social metrics, 27 templates, a followers counter, social profile modules, and more. This plugin costs $19.

    Interested in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress?

  • Simple Share Buttons Adder

    The Simple Share Buttons Adder is another example of a straightforward plugin that does exactly what it says. It adds share buttons to pages and posts with one click. You can use the default button images or upload custom ones. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than this.

    Interested in Simple Share Buttons Adder?

  • Shareholic

    Another fantastic plugin option is Shareaholic, which acts as an all-in-one social sharing tool. It offers stylish sharing buttons, of course, but it also comes with content recommendations, follow buttons, social analytics, promoted content, and more. It also includes vector share and follow buttons, share counters, Google URL shortener support, integrated Google Analytics, as well as support for all the popular social networks. It even includes a “pin it” button for image sharing.

  • WP Social Sharing

    Still another plugin to consider is WP Social Sharing. It adds responsive social sharing buttons for popular networks to your posts, pages, media items, and custom post types. It’s super lightweight and you can customize the text on each of the social buttons. You can change the order of the buttons, and best of all, the buttons aren’t image-based; they’re created using CSS3, making for a totally responsive experience.

    Interested in WP Social Sharing?

  • Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

    If a floating sidebar widget is a must-have for you, the Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar plugin is a good choice. It’s easy to setup, supports 9 social networks, and is lightweight so it won’t bog down your site. Add custom images to the buttons, change background colors, plus you have the option to show/hide buttons, manage mobile display settings, and more.

    Interested in Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar?

  • AddtoAny

    AddtoAny really lives up to its name. This plugin lets you share to over 100 different social networks and is very popular in the WordPress Plugin Repository. Besides standard share and follow buttons, it also includes share counters, floating share buttons, vector icons, and a universal share link. It includes third-party buttons as well such as the Facebook “Like” and Pinterest “Pin It.”

  • Social Buzz

    Social Buzz is another social share plugin that adds sharing buttons to your site but it offers a slightly different interface. It adds a “shares graph” to your posts and pages that let visitors see just how much “buzz” your content currently has. It’s a fantastic, visual way to display social proof. It comes with 3 styles, multiple browser support, and it’s responsive.

    Social Buzz costs $20.

  • Ultimate Social Deux

    Another worthwhile premium plugin is Ultimate Social Deux. This plugin is responsive, speed optimized, and offers plenty of customization options including control over colors. It’s also multilingual, comes with shortcodes, and works to display fan counts for social proof. Updates are included.

    Ultimate Social Deux is priced at $15.

    Interested in Ultimate Social Deux?

  • Mashshare

    Finally, Mashshare is yet another great free social sharing plugin that mimics the style and design of the share buttons of Mashable. This plugin is customizable, offers quick loading times and only uses local code—no external scripts. It supports social share counts as well.

Plugins That Add Image Sharing Buttons

A few of the plugins mentioned above do offer image sharing options. However, if you really want to emphasize image sharing—like if you run an e-commerce site or style guide—a dedicated image sharing plugin might be best. Here are a few excellent options:

  • SumoMe Image Sharer

    We already talked about another SumoMe plugin, so why not discuss another? The SumoMe Image Sharer is a straightforward plugin that lets your visitors share the images on your site directly to social networks. A share button appears on hover. You have control over where on your images this button appears. A Pro version is also available.

    Interested in SumoMe Image Sharer?

  • WWV Social Share on Image Hover

    Another option is the WWV Social Share on Image Hover plugin. This plugin lets you add social icons to the images in your posts that only appear when a visitor hovers on them. It supports six social icons, you can select alignment, and it works within multiple browsers.

    Interested in WWV Social Share on Image Hover?

  • WordPress Image Hover Lite

    WordPress Image Hover Lite is very similar in its feature set and offers a convenient way for visitors to share images on your site. It’s responsive, includes alignment support, and works with eight social networks. It also has a powerful admin options panel for making customizations.

    Interested in WordPress Image Hover Lite?

  • Pinterest Pin It Button for Images

    If Pinterest is really all you’re interested in, the Pinterest Pin It Button for Images is a great choice. It adds the “Pin It” button on top of all of your images via a hover effect. It’s easy to install and set up, and can automatically increase the number of shares your images receive.

    Interested in Pinterest Pin It Button for Images?

  • Share This Image

    The last image sharing plugin we’ll discuss here is Share This Image. This plugin is easy to use and highly flexible, offering support for 11 different social networks. You can set the minimum image size on which the share button will appear, it supports auto-scroll, is dynamic, and comes with three different styles. It also promises to be lightweight and includes cross-browser support.

    Interested in Share This Image?

Plugins That Add Social Scheduling

Another important component of adding social media to WordPress is social scheduling. Being able to automatically promote new posts when they’re published is a real time saver. And there are many tools that allow you to do this, so let’s get right to it:

  • WordPress to Buffer

    A plugin you should definitely check out is WordPress to Buffer. You’ll need a Buffer account, of course, but it can be well worth it, considering how much it can help you streamline the often grueling process of social media management. Once installed, it’ll send your latest published posts directly to your Buffer queue for scheduling.

    Interested in WordPress to Buffer?

  • WP to Twitter

    Another option is WP to Twitter. This plugin focuses exclusively on sharing your latest posts on Twitter, which is perfect if that’s where you spend most of your time on social. With it, you can display recent tweets and tweets based on specific search queries in a widget, if you wish. Other features include URL shortening, automatically converting tags to hashtags, Google Analytics support, and more.

    Interested in WP to Twitter?

  • Jetpack Publicize

    A staple in most WordPress users’ arsenals is JetPack Publicize. This plugin makes it very easy to share posts on social media automatically when they’re published. Just install it, enable the Publicize module, integrate your social accounts, and you’ll be up and running.

    Interested in Jetpack Publicize?

  • NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

    NextScripts is another plugin that will promote your newly published posts to social accounts you designate. It works with many social networks and can be used on posts and pages. You can customize each message that is sent to each social network, too.

    Interested in NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster?

  • CoSchedule by TodayMade

    Though CoSchedule is an editorial calendar plugin, it has social media publishing integrated that makes it a must for our list here. This plugin allows you to schedule blog posts and their social media promotions within a drag-and-drop calendar view. It’s lightweight, allows for editorial comments, provides notifications to your contributors, and is all-around easy to use.

    Interested in CoSchedule by TodayMade?

  • Social Auto Poster

    A premium option is the Social Auto Poster plugin. It lets you automatically post to your social accounts when a new post is published. This definitely takes some of the guesswork out of social promotion and the plugin itself is very easy to setup and to use. You can select what post types to publicize, use a link shortener, configure custom messages for each network, and it works with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

    Interested in Social Auto Poster?

  • HYPESocial - Buffer

    HYPESocial – Buffer is another plugin that connects your WordPress site to Buffer to make for seamless social media scheduling. You can automatically share new posts and even configure it to share old posts and pages if you’d like. It’s a definite time saver and works to expand your site’s reach without you having to put in very much effort.

    Interested in HYPESocial - Buffer?

Plugins That Add Social Profiles, Icons, and Follow Buttons

We’ve talked about social feeds and sharing at length but we’ve yet to touch on another important aspect of Facebook social integration: social profiles and follow buttons. These provide an at-a-glance way for visitors to connect with you on social media.

  • Social Media Feather

    Social Media Feather is a lightweight, all-in-one social plugin that adds social sharing and social buttons to your site with just a few clicks. You can select where these buttons appear, for which networks, and more. You can add these follow buttons to your site’s header, a widget, or even to your posts and pages.

    Interested in Social Media Feather?

  • Social Media Widget

    Another popular choice is the Social Media Widget. This plugin is a straightforward sidebar that displays links to your social profiles via icons. It doesn’t get much simpler than this and that’s precisely why it has such a good reputation on the plugin repository.

    Interested in Social Media Widget?

  • Get Social for WordPress

    Another free way to display social profiles and follow buttons is with the Get Social for WordPress plugin. It comes with 18 tools built-in including social sharing, popups, prominent follow buttons, and more. Some of the features this plugin offers are premium, so make sure you read the fine print before making a decision.

    Interested in Get Social for WordPress?

  • Floating Social Media Icon

    Floating Social Media Icon is another great plugin that is super straightforward: It adds icon-based links to your social profiles to your site. It works with all the popular social networks, includes over 20 icon themes, has shortcode and widget support, and can be set to float on top of content. You can even set the icon size and order and the whole thing is easy to setup and use.

    Interested in Floating Social Media Icon?

  • AccessPress Social Counter

    If you’re looking to add a bit more social proof to your website, then the AccessPress Social Counter is a good choice. This plugin displays icons that visitors can click to go to your social profiles but it displays the number of people that follow you on each account, too. It comes with five design themes and can be displayed via widget or shortcode.

    Interested in AccessPress Social Counter?

  • Easy Social Icons

    Another option is Easy Social Icons. This plugin allows you to upload your own custom social icons, attach a social URL, and select vertical or horizontal display. You can insert the icons with a shortcode, a template tag, or a widget. It’s responsive and lets you choose the order in which the icons are displayed.

    Interested in Easy Social Icons?

  • Social Media and Share Icons

    Another way to have total control over your social profile icons and share icons is with the Social Media and Share Icons plugin. It works with over 200 social networks and lets you pick from 16 different designs, add animations, and you can opt to make the icons float or be sticky. You can also display follower counts, if you’d like, and opt to show a popup on certain posts and pages that ask people to follow you.

    Interested in Social Media and Share Icons?

  • Follow Us Badges

    Follow Us Badges is another plugin that’s exactly what it sounds like: it adds “follow” buttons to your WordPress site. It’s fully customizable though, so you can easily change their look depending on your industry, branding, and design scheme. It works with numerous social networks, and lets you display follower and like counts, too.

    Interested in Follow Us Badges?

  • Social Contact Display

    The Social Contact Display plugin adds a simple widget to your site for showing off your business address and social media site links. It works with all the popular networks and is modular, so you can mix and match what options to display.

    Interested in Social Contact Display?

  • Social Icons Widget

    The last social profile tool we’ll discuss here today is the Social Icons Widget plugin. It adds a straightforward widget to your site that displays your social profiles in a straightforward unordered list. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

    Interested in Social Icons Widget?

Plugins That Add Social Commenting

Another category of plugin you should be aware of is social comments. These plugins allow your visitors to login with their social media credentials and make comments that appear both on your site and on social media streams. This can help to expand the reach of your site and improve overall engagement:

  • Disqus

    Disqus is a web commenting tool that integrates with numerous platforms all across the web. The WordPress plugin uses the Disqus API to sync your WordPress comments to social accounts. All comments are SEO-friendly, include threaded replies, include notifications, subscribe by RSS, social mention aggregation, and more.

  • Livefyre

    Livefyre Comments 3 is another commenting platform that allows your visitors to engage in real-time conversations on your website by collecting social mentions and displaying them on your site. Comments can be filtered by networks or user and can also be easily moderated.

  • Jetpack Comments

    As I’m sure you already know, Jetpack is a highly popular plugin that connects your site to and adds a ton of modules to your plugin arsenal. Jetpack Comments is one such module that replaces the default comments with one that has integrated social login ability. It’s easy to setup and easy to use for your visitors, a definite perk.

    Interested in Jetpack Comments?

  • Super Socializer

    Super Socializer is a social sharing plugin that offers a well-rounded feature set, including the ability to comment with your social login information. It also comes with integration with over 100 social networks, share counters, icon customization, URL shortening, a responsive layout, floating buttons, and more.

    Interested in Super Socializer?

  • wpDiscuz - Supercharged native comments

    Another commenting option is wpDiscuz. This plugin is an AJAX realtime commenting system that takes the default comment system and makes it faster, responsive, and can support millions of comments per post. It’s a great alternative to the likes of Livefyre and Jetpack if you’re particularly committed to the default comment system.

    Interested in wpDiscuz - Supercharged native comments?

  • Facebook comments WordPress

    The Facebook comments WordPress plugin is great for those who just require Facebook integration but no other social networks. Visitors can login with their Facebook accounts to leave comments. You can also import the Facebook Comments box to your website with ease and change up various design elements as you see fit.

    Interested in Facebook comments WordPress?

  • Social Login

    Social Login is another free plugin that allows visitors to login with their social accounts to make comments. It’s compatible with BuddyPress and you have a choice as to where the social login widget appears: on the comment form, on the login page, on the registration page, in the sidebar, or anywhere else you’d like with a shortcode.

Plugins That Add “Like to Unlock” Content Gateways

The last category of plugin we’ll discuss here today is the content gateway. Specifically, content gateways that are triggered or “unlocked” by some kind of social action your visitors take. This varies depending on the plugin and include things such as liking a post, sharing a post, or following one of your social media accounts:

  • Social Marketing

    We absolutely must include our own plugin here. Social Marketing is a great way to build interest in your business. It works by giving your visitors an incentive for sharing your website, pages, posts, and/or products on social media. It currently works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and lets people unlock perks with a Like, a share, or a mention. These perks can range from coupons, discounts codes, or free downloads.

    Social Marketing is easy to setup and also lets you integrate ads using a shortcut generator directly onto your site. It’s available on its own for $19 per month or as a part of a WPMU DEV membership for $24.50 per month.

    Interested in Social Marketing?

  • Pay With A Like

    If all you need is the “pay with a like” function of Social Marketing, then you should check out the aptly named Pay With a Like plugin. It makes it easier for your content to “go viral” by letting your visitors pay to unlock access to your content by first giving it a “Like” or a share on social media. It’s pretty much a paywall but instead of cash, you share a social action, which can increase your content’s visibility and ultimately increase your sales.

    Once again this plugin is $19 on its own or $24.50 as a part of a WPMU DEV membership.

    Interested in Pay With A Like?

  • wpLike2Get

    Another plugin that restricts user access until they complete a social action is wpLike2Get. This plugin lets you host digital downloads on your site and give visitors access once they “pay” with a like, tweet, or +1 of your content. You can decide what type of action you want visitors to make and track it all with Google Analytics.

  • OnePress Social Locker

    OnePress Social Locker is a plugin that offers another way to add social buttons over your content so visitors have to like, share, or tweet your post or page before viewing it. This is a surefire way to increase your site’s social engagement. Features include three social buttons, custom URLs, advanced analytics, custom styles and effects, SEO compatibility, 4 content lock types as well as Visual Composer compatibility. This plugin is also fast, easy-to-use and mobile-ready.

    Interested in OnePress Social Locker?

  • Easy Social Locker

    Easy Social Locker is another method of locking your content behind a social pay wall. Like the other plugins featured here, it requires visitors to like or share your content before gaining access to it. But it has a few extra features that make it stand out like an automatic blog category lock, a hidden like counter, unique URLs for likes and shares, a shortcode, and more.

    This plugin costs $20.

    Interested in Easy Social Locker?

  • Share Locker

    Share Locker adds a very simple share or like to unlock functions to your site’s content. Your options include: share, like, tweet, Google+, or VK to unlock. Your content is more likely to go viral this way and has an air of exclusivity. This plugin is priced at $19.

  • Like 2 Unlock for WordPress

    The Like 2 Unlock for WordPress plugin is described as a like button and content locker in one, and lets you lock specific content until a visitor likes it. It basically incentivizes the process of clicking “Like.” You can easily add this content locker to free downloads, infographics, bonus content, discounts, videos, coupons, and more.

    This plugin costs $12.

    Interested in Like 2 Unlock for WordPress?

  • Facebook Viral Content Locker

    Still another option is Facebook Viral Content Locker, which is great for those who just want to focus on Facebook marketing. It allows you to lock any content you want on posts or pages and allow access through a “Share on Facebook” button. And since this plugin requires visitors to sync their Facebook accounts (you can toggle on and off this feature), you can easily collect emails and user info to expand your lead potential.

    This plugin also supports shortcodes, CSS customization, and lets you customize the title and message on the “lock” page. Facebook Viral Content Locker costs $15.

    Interested in Facebook Viral Content Locker?

  • Social Content Locker for WordPress

    Social Content Locker for WordPress is another great option for quickly locking any kind of content on your site and only providing access via social actions like shares or likes. It can be used on posts and pages, images, videos, flash, downloads, and more and it works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ so you can easily expand your social connections with minimal effort. It also has a tinyMCE toolbar wizard, an optional “close” button, nested shortcodes, and it uses cookies to remember users who have already unlocked your content.

    This plugin costs $20.

    Interested in Social Content Locker for WordPress?

  • Viral Lock

    The last plugin we’ll discuss here is Viral Lock. The idea is to help visitors make your content go viral by requiring them to like your content on Facebook, give it a +1 on Google+ or tweet about it to gain access. All you have to do is insert a shortcode around the content you want to lock and you’ll be all set. Visitors can write comments with their shares, you can create a custom share to unlock message, and the plugin is very easy to set up and use.

    Viral Lock costs $19.

Wrapping Up

I realize this was a massive list and it’ll take some time to get through all of the options but it’s my hope that by being comprehensive (within reason) you’ll come across a new plugin or two you’ve never heard of before and give them a shot. So many of the social media plugin collections out there focus on just a few familiar names. Why not expand your horizons a bit?

Have you used any of the plugins featured here? I’d love to hear about your favorites below.