Stay Sharp With the New ‘Tip of the Day’

Stay Sharp With the New ‘Tip of the Day’

In addition to keeping you updated on all the latest news for WordPress, WPMU, and BuddyPress at our blog, we’re starting a Daily Tip via Twitter. We are very much enjoying keeping up with all of our subscribers on Twitter and even helping with a bit of troubleshooting when we can since we’re completely immersed in WordPress every day.

Our readers are some of the most innovative and skilled users in the WordPress community, so we’d love it if you’d like to contribute to sharing the knowledge with other users. Feel free to jump in and participate with us! We’re looking for any sort of quick WordPress, WPMU or BuddyPress related tips for site security, SEO, performance, theming, hooks, plugins, tweaks – you name it.

How to Participate:

Subscribe to our Twitter updates: @wpmuorg

@reply us or DM us with your favorite tip and we’ll mention you in the tweet.

And for tweet’s sake, make it short so people can retweet it. ;) Let us know in the comments what topics are of the most interest to you. We hope you’ll learn some new tricks, expand your WordPress knowledge, and be reminded of best practices. Feedback is always welcome. Get subscribed on Twitter today and keep your WordPress skills fresh!