Streamline WordPress Support and Get Comprehensive Server Data With ServerBuddy

Streamline WordPress Support and Get Comprehensive Server Data With ServerBuddy

One of the things we love most about WordPress is that it is remarkably easy for non-programmers to update content. With the advent of custom post types in WordPress 3.0, passing off a WordPress installation to a client or non-tech savvy person is becoming more realistic. However, sometimes the ease of adding plugins and themes can create problems when the user doesn’t fully understand his server’s capabilities. Enter the new ServerBuddy plugin.

ServerBuddy by tests server configuration to look for problems with hosting configuration and determine compatibility with various WordPress themes and plugins. Additionally it provides easy to understand explanations of various server settings and generates reports and samples of what to ask your hosting provider if a problem is found with any server configuration that needs fixed/

ServerBuddy bridges some of the remaining gaps between casual WordPress users and web professionals who are working together to keep a site running smoothly. This plugin is a communication tool that will help WordPress users with little technical experience send important server data to their support personnel for quick analysis.

Features and Capabilities of ServerBuddy

  • Perform General Server Checks
  • Easily access WordPress Plugin, Theme, and Server Security Information
  • Displays phpinfo Response
  • Send reports by email
  • Developers of themes and plugins for WordPress may submit definition files for ServerBuddy to allow users to test that a theme or plugin has compatibility with their server.

Perhaps you operate a website and are wanting to prepare some documentation for a developer you’re hiring. This plugin is a great tool for that, as it will allow you to easily print off a list of all the plugins you’re using and the specific configurations of your server.

Example data displayed by ServerBuddy:

Here’s hoping this plugin will make support issues more easily solved in less time for you and your users. If you need support for ServerBuddy, please contact PluginBuddy’s support forums.