Studio: A new theme for WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress

We’re excited to announce our latest theme, Studio, for WordPress, BuddyPress, and Multisite!

What is Studio?

“A balance of beautiful, pixel-perfect design with flexible, easy-to-navigate customization. “

WordPress is always about pushing boundaries for us when it comes to themes and with Studio we’ve taken our themes to the next level with a ton of new features.

On the surface Studio looks simple with it’s attractive slide show and modern styling – it’s under the surface this becomes a true power house.  Studio sees us reviewing theme options and including a lot of asked for features.


Take a look at just some of the features…

  • Google Font Directory – yep we’re just as bored as you are of web safe fonts and we decided to write a little function that lets you not only pick your normal fonts but also lets you use the Google Font directory.
  • Simple SEO – we’re great believers in not bloating your install with 1000s of plugins and as a result we have built in simple global SEO for you.  Don’t worry though we’ve turned it off by default so you can choose if you use it.
  • Sliding BuddyPress Community Panel – building on Sarah’s work we took the basic JQuery script at the core of her great plugin: Sliding Ajax Login panel and built it into this theme with some simple options.  Get an amazing sliding panel that only shows if you have BuddyPress enabled and allows easy navigation around the site all in the theme styling.
  • Footer content – you can add Google Analytics and also links or text now to the footer of this theme
  • Build your own home page – turn on and off content blocks, slide show, headers and widget areas to literally create many different variations on your home page.  Be it reusing the theme or creating just once – you choose what you want the home page to have as contents with our easy theme options.
  • BuddyPress built in – we believe that a BuddyPress theme shouldn’t mean less design and we’ve kept this in mind.  Studio works out of the box with BuddyPress and we’ve also made sure it looks just as good as the WordPress bit.  We also made sure without BuddyPress your theme will work just as well – we believe in choice.
  • Content areas by the bucket load – we’ve added a ton of content areas from headers through to content buckets as we call them and a slide show to show off your images.  Studio really is about making your content king.  All of your content can be set up using our easy to use theme options found under the Appearance menu.
  • Sign up box – we know a priority is getting people to sign up and what better than a sign up section?
  • Widgets by the ton – with Studio you literally have a widget area for every occasion.
  • Standard WordPress features built in – custom headers, navigation, featured images… Studio does it all out of the box.
  • Tons of our usual theme goodies – theme options, customization to create your own color scheme, 4 color schemes, multiple languages, parent and child themes… oh yes and amazing support – what more could you want?


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7 Responses

  • This looks very cool.

    When you say it is multisite compatible, does that mean it can be on multiple blogs with different settings, but running off a single install of the theme?

    That’s something I’ve been having a hard time finding in themes that are very customizable. If it can do that it would be a definite winner for a blog network!

  • WordPress Wizard

    Hi Teran, we’re glad you like it. Our multisite (blog) themes work by having one theme you can reuse but as our settings are per blog using theme options you shouldn’t have a problem using the same theme and many do.

    However, if you wanted to have people editing the themes then yes you could run into issues. We’d suggest in this situation you use our child and parent themes and we make sure that all our themes come with a parent and child theme so you literally have every option you can with a theme.

    Whilst it’s a little hard to suggest what would work for you unless know your exact situation I think it can work if I am understanding what you want to do correctly.

  • So it sounds like as long as you’re using the options within the theme there can be any number of blogs running off the one theme? For example, you mention font selection–could each blog select a different font?

    Thesis can’t do this without customization and as I understand it many other customizable themes have the same issue. If you change the setting on one blog it changes it for all of them.

    That sounds excellent.

    I would be interested in seeing a screenshot of the options panel to see just what can be customized.

  • WordPress Wizard

    @Teran: Ok lets have a go at an example to show you…

    The way it works is lets take for example the feature 3 content blocks header and 2 blogs – the main site blog (Blog B) and Blog A. In Blog A I turn the feature blocks on and give it a header title. In Blog B I revisit after doing that and nothing has changed.

    It’s not a great comparison against this theme and Thesis or something like that which is more of a framework. What this is purely is a theme. You can’t choose to have a sidebar left or right for instance this is simplier but also just as powerful.. the format is set BUT the content isn’t. For instance you can turn on / off all contents you see in the demo – slideshow, blocks, call to actions… everything. That’s how you build your page and then you can use colour pickers or upload images for logos to style. If you want to go deeper we have child and parent themes.

    There are screen shots of all of this in action and also more information over at the theme download page.

    Hope that has helped you in your decision and hopefully we’ll see you using Studio soon.

  • New Recruit

    Theme is great–very nice. I especially love the drop-down buddypress features.

    I’m actually new to buddypress and trying to figure out if it’d be right for what I’m trying to do with my site. Seems like this theme makes buddypress very easy to use, but is there any way to get a better sense of its customizability before deciding to become a member?

  • New Recruit

    Lordy, this is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

    May I ask a favour? I’ve turned the comments off, with the result that it now says “Comments Off” at the bottom of the pages. I’m happy to hack at the code (hey, it’s a learning process! :) ) but I could do with knowing where this is coded to start hacking.

    I’d expected it to be obvious in single.php… but it isn’t! :(

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