Stunningly huge google first listing

Woh, check out the size of the new Google first listing I just pulled up.

Pretty big implications for folk in terms of SEO – that second place is looking a lot less valuable.

Incidentally, we’re fairly focused on various SEO stuff here at Incsub, would you readers be interested in a few posts on various practices / approaches that we take to our various sites?

An ‘Incsub SEO Series’ perhaps?

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  • Hi James,

    I was going to sit on my hands (and probably still should), but I have to point something out which leaves a rather bad taste in my mouth. First, let me say that I’m a paid member of your service, and I expect quality even on free posts…

    First a little harsh on my part (I re-read this and am leaving it, but read on for a little more sugar)…

    From the bold text WPMU DEV in the screenshot you used, it’s pretty clear that you used WPMU DEV or WPMUDEV as a search phrase. Of course the site with that exact name is going to come up, and because it’s large, will have several subsections. My sites which have been untouched for months show as first for “mindcue” or “timgary” by virtue of the domain name alone. They aren’t big, and lack much of any SEO work (I get clients almost entirely through referrals), so there are no breakdowns…

    This same “trick” can be used by anyone to claim great first page listings… Pick a silly phrase like: menu worms or chocolate …and lo and behold, a post I made comes up first. Praise the SEO gods, for I know the secret. Of course it’s 100% meaningless since no-one is searching for that, just as it’s relatively meaningless if they already know your site or company name.

    Stepping back…

    It would of course be helpful to show how you might get to top 3 positions for a phrase such as WordPress Expert or Premium WordPress Plugins. In fact since you are on the first page of those, it might make a very good series of articles on the process you would (and do) take to get to the top few spots from where you are now (and you’re already really close on the second one).

    Those sorts of phrases, and the positions you hold on the front page clearly show that you are doing something right. It’s not my intent to say that you don’t know SEO, it’s simply to point out that the example which was used was unfortunate, and feels a bit deceptive to me. Not including the phrase you searched for in the text of your post adds to that feeling. I hope this was an oversight.

    I hope you allow this comment through. I do mean it as constructive criticism as well as useful information.

  • New Recruit

    Lol, you get me completely wrong, I wasn’t claiming that we have great google fu and have managed to get to the top listing for anything, just remarking on the size of the new ‘first’ result.

    In terms of a series I was thinking about other stuff, and more generally SEO / Marketing coverage here at – that’s where I’d talk about successes,

    • Ahh.. That’s cool and makes sense with explanation.

      But when I pull it up I don’t see anywhere near as much screen space used–so I immediately went in another direction with my thoughts. I get the standard 2 or 3 word links for “plugins” “Themes”, “join today”, etc.. No embellishing or descriptions under them. I learned long ago when messing around with seo and results to check from a totally separate location, cleared/logged out browser, etc.. Google will do very interesting things to your results when you don’t have a clean slate. You can and will get different search results if you are logged in, or otherwise have been doing other searches during your browser session.

      I think there are browser plugins that might expand listings like that.

      I’m really curious how and why you got such a listing! It’s definitely new to me.

  • We have a client site that built up some Google +1’s on their wordpress website. Haven’t seen anything like this though. Does seem to have some SEO value, they moved a spot or two up.

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