Create Your Own Customized RSS Feed Ticker With Super RSS Reader

There is no doubting the fact that open source is awesome. But there is a blunt edge to the open source sword – the barriers of entry are non-existent. For every excellent WordPress plugin, there are 100 crap ones. It can often take a long time to sift through the garbage to find a diamond.

With that in mind, I always like it when a plugin simply works. When it meets or even surpasses your expectations in carrying out a singular task effectively.

Super RSS Reader is one such plugin. Check out this video for a quick overview:

As you can see, Super RSS Reader allows you to place one or more RSS feed summaries directly into any widgetized area on your blog. It has a few different options which you can set to determine how the feed is displayed – including description, description length, number of visible items, and so on. This WordPress plugin can use tabs to separate different feed sources and also display the data with a news ticker effect. And if you are a dab hand with CSS, formatting the widget to your liking is an absolute cinch.

Super RSS Reader is not a game-changer (obviously). But it is a big improvement on the default WordPress RSS widget. So if that is something you already use (or are thinking of using), you should definitely take a look at this first.

Download Super RSS Reader here.