Support Your Favorite Theme Shop at WP Candy’s Theme Madness

Support Your Favorite Theme Shop at WP Candy’s Theme Madness

Ryan at WP Candy has launched their Theme Madness competition. It’s some sort of theme-off or theme-shop-off (is that the right term)? Whatever it is it’s a great way to show some love for your favorite themers from across the WordPress community.

Aside: As a non-American, the whole March Madness thing totally passed me by until I read this post at Theme Sorter. I thought March Madness was something to do with filling in your taxes, because, you know, it’s the end of March and we’ve all got to do our taxes and it makes us mad…….. doh!!!!

Here’s what Ryan had to say.

In short, this month we’re running Theme Madness 2011 at WPCandy. This means:

  • 64 WordPress theme shops will be facing off, head to head, to find out just who the most beloved theme shop is. Each match will consist of a period of voting, where users and fans will decide the winner themselves.
  • You can fill out a Theme Madness 2011 bracket and compete with other WPCandy readers for total bracket domination.
  • In the end, the winning team and the winning bracket will be awarded a hand made WPCandy trophy, pictured below.
  • Hopefully we’ll all have a good deal of fun!

Honestly, I’m not quite sure of the rules and I’m still baffling at my own ignorance of basketball. But it’s definitely worth taking a trip over to WP Candy to check it all out. Especially if you’re a fan of filling in forms and voting for stuff – which I am.

Not to be biased but I’ll be plugging for Graph Paper Press and WP Shower, two of my absolute favorite WordPress theme shops.

Needless to say, the best thing about the competition has got to be the handmade WP Candy trophy which looks both impressive and delicious. They’re lucky I haven’t got my hands on it because I would probably lick it to see if it’s actually minty.

Good luck theme shops!