The 2009 WordPress MU Plugin Contest… getting started

The 2009 WordPress MU Plugin Contest… getting started

Okay then, the time is almost upon us for the 2009 WordPress MU Plugin contest!

But first up, let’s sort out some prizes and how we want to run it :)

In terms of prizes…

We’re going to take the lead from the WLTC plugin contest and only allow contributions via PayPal in USD – sorry, it just makes everyone’s lives easier (and more rewarding!)

To begin with WPMU DEV Premium is contributing $1000 to the prize pool, so please contact us if you’d like to contribute too… and feel free to match (or better!) that.

In terms of submissions…

Last time we asked users submitting plugins to register as users at and post about them here… does that sound like a good solution again?

I guess it worked last time, so there’s no reason we can’t give it a shot again… but happy to listen to any ideas / objections regarding that.

In terms of timeframe…

How does a month sound?