The Best WordPress CMS Plugin yet?

The Best WordPress CMS Plugin yet?

So, there’s now a brand new CMS plugin at WPMU DEV which I reckon you’ll like and which pushes the boundaries of WordPress as a CMS to the next level.

And it’s even got a cool name… CustomPress!

Put simply, this plugin allows you to use the new custom post types feature in WordPress, to create a fully functional CMS.

Simply sort content into different categories such as:

  1. Movie Database
  2. Book Database
  3. Real Estate listings
  4. Design Galleries

And, even better, completely customize how these different content sites behave – check out the Genres, Authors, Featured Image, Year and Rating in the ‘Add New Book’ menu below:

How cool is that!

And last, but by no means least, we’ll also be building great new plugins using CustomPress as a basis… so you can look forward really, really soon to some serious CMS goodness from WPMU DEV.