The BuddyPress Gifts Plugin Has Been Adopted!

The former developer of the BuddyPress Gifts Plugin abandoned it some time ago. This is always sad but understandable when a developer doesn’t have time to commit to his plugin anymore. I’m happy to report that BuddyPress Gifts has been adopted and the new developer is calling it BuddyPress Gifts Rebirth. This is a very cool plugin that allows members of your BuddyPress site to send each other “gifts”. Administrators can upload, delete and edit gifts from the dashboard, making them entirely customizable.

When users give and receive gifts, the plugin automatically updates the activity stream. Members can send each other messages with the gift.

It’s always a good day when an abandoned plugin gets adopted! BuddyPress Gifts Rebirth is a great plugin to use for increasing member interaction across your BuddyPress community. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.