The Custom Google Search Plugin Enhances Your WordPress Search Results

The Custom Google Search Plugin Enhances Your WordPress Search Results

If you are a WordPress user then at some point in your career you will have used the WordPress built-in search. To say that it’s #lame is an understatement. But then WordPress isn’t an organization that’s particularly known for its search functionality.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get a search specialist to create a search engine for your WordPress website? If you were really rich you could head over to Google Towers and see if you could get Larry and Sergey to create a personalized search for you.

Or you could just take advantage of the custom search functionality that Google has already created for you and me and you and all of you.

Google Custom Search lets you create a custom search for your website. Just sign in with your Google account, add the sites you want to search and off you go. As well as searching one site, you can set it up to search groups of sites. So, for example, we can search all the sites at Incsub including, WPMU DEV, Edublogs, etc etc.

you can add as many sites to your search as you want

Our new Custom Google Search plugin lets you take this Google functionality and insert it into your WordPress website. Check out my greatly improved search results:

much improved search results


We’ve also added a widget with a choice of styling so that you can add Google’s search functionality to your sidebar and display the results in a pop-up, in the sidebar or on the search page.

the sidebar search widget with a green button

Want to add all of this awesomeness to your WordPress website? WPMU DEV members can grab it now from the WPMU DEV website.