The Easiest Way to Embed Spotify Playlists in WordPress

The Easiest Way to Embed Spotify Playlists in WordPress

If you own or operate a website, you may want to add a music player to spotlight or accompany your content, or to act as the content itself. Bands, bloggers, realtors, designers, artists and others can effectively include a soundtrack to engage visitors. Spotify is a popular music streaming service that makes it easy to embed playlists on your website. The Spotify Widget is a plugin that implements the Spotify Play Button on WordPress sites.

How to Configure the Spotify Widget

Once you install the plugin, you’ll have a playlist widget that couldn’t be easier to set up. Give the widget a title, select the size you’d like to display and the choose the dark or light theme. The minimum size for displaying the widget is 250x80px and the maximum size is 640x720px. You can manually adjust this to create the perfect fit for your particular sidebar or footer.

The most important item to add to the widget is the Spotify URI. You can find that by right clicking on the album within Spotify and then select “Copy Spotify URI”.

If you get a strange error after adding the playlist URI and the player is blank, more than likely the problem is that your playlist is set to private in Spotify. Simply right click on it and select “Publish”, as shown in the image above, and the plugin will be able to retrieve the playlist for display.

Save your widget settings and you should have a nice player showing up in your sidebar:

Whether you are running a band website or simply want to display the music you’re currently enjoying, this widget is a fast and simple way to add tunes to your WordPress blog. Add the Spotify Widget to your sidebar or footer to give your site an instant soundtrack.