The Edublogs homepage theme

So, to kick us off on our week of greatest hits, there’s the original WordPress MU hit, the Edublogs homepage theme.

With more downloads than any other theme (except the theme pack) it’s been a rollicking success and has brought order to the homepages of countless WPMU sites.

The Edublogs Homepage Theme

We also decided to make what we were offering even more attractive and the new version of the theme makes it super easy for anyone to use and customize it – without having to hack a single file.

Theme options
The theme also incorporates great 2.8+ features like nested comments, caption styling and all that jazz :)

There’s the facility to:

  • Customize the category to appear on the front
  • Add social bookmarking tools automatically
  • Upload and customize the header and header text
  • Change all your fonts
  • Change all your colors
  • Grab tabbed RSS feeds
  • And more!

Want to take a look at just one of the options pages, click on the image on the right.

And, alongside that, it’s incredibly easy to change the featured images, just upload, crop and add text – see below:


And, just for extras, we also released a matching bbPress theme that allows you to seamlessly integrate your sitewide forums with your new theme.

So, it’s now easier than ever to have a cracking homepage for your WPMU site – without knowing a line of code :)