The Future of WordPress MU – Have your say

The Future of WordPress MU – Have your say

So, still no response to my questions regarding the future of WordPress MU, and I don’t expect we’re going to see any any time soon, so I figured that I’d put down my thoughts as to how I’d like to see WordPress MU and WordPress merge.

And ask you to put your thoughts down too… on your blogs, in the comments, anywhere.

Because surely, as this is up to the community, and as a member of the community, I’m hoping that I have a voice here, and I hope that we can have a discussion.

And I’m also hoping that other members of the community like other Incsubbers, WPMU DEV Premium members, WP.MU users readers of would also like that.

Rather than one individual, or a small group of individuals, privately making a decision.

So, for my part, here’s what I’d like to see (in rough order of importance to me, personally):

  1. That the functionality is still called MU or Multi-User… many of us have build our livelihoods on this and changing it would be like changing ‘Plugins’ to ‘Extras’
  2. That this is absolutely not rushed… the last thing anyone needs is WP (with MU) version 3.0.9b
  3. That there is still an wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder and that existing plugins continue to work in that
  4. That above all, the continuing operation of existing MU plugins and themes that use MU specific code, is placed as a priority where changes are made
  5. That the process is clear, transparent, and up for discussion

So, what are your points of concern regarding the merge of WordPress MU into WPMU?

What questions do you have? What items do you want addressed?

And then, hopefully, those who would make such decisions will take note of our concerns and opinions and include us in the discussion.

That wouldn’t be too much to ask… would it?