The Most Obvious Way You Can Make Money With WordPress

The Most Obvious Way You Can Make Money With WordPress

I hate myself a tiny little bit for that title. The only thing that would make it even worse would be if this was a list post, and the title reflected it. Most likely this means that my next column will feature a truly messed up title, possibly with profanities and something dangerously close to libel. If nothing else I can always poke fun at the folks behind this here site. After all, what are they gonna do, sue me for something they publish?

Ah, the power, the glorious power…

How to save this column then? Well, I’ll start with pouring myself a handsome amount of Blanton’s Barrel bourbon, and then I’ll get to the point. I suggest you do the same, this is good shit.

I couldn't find my photos of Blanton's Barrel so here's a random shot from the best bar in Lund, Sweden: Café Ariman
I couldn’t find my photos of Blanton’s Barrel so here’s a random shot from the best bar in Lund, Sweden: Café Ariman

There we go. Now, the whole reason to this nasty title is that I found this post listing 9 ways you can make money with WordPress, via the excellent wpMail newsletter. Let’s take a look at the nine headings of this list:

1. Sell Themes
2. Sell Plugins
3. Custom Design Work
4. PSD to WordPress
5. Consulting
6. Training
7. Software as a Service (SAAS)
8. Content Websites
9. Membership Websites

Do read the post for explanations, maybe it’ll inspire you to go create something and charge for it.

For the record, I’ve done 3, 5, 7, 8, and also 6 as part of 3 and 5. I find number 8, running a content website and the possible cash-in or ad revenue a bit off the mark, since it is the content that makes you money rather than WordPress but fine. It’s not like one obvious way you can make money with WordPress is all WordPress either.

You see, while I’ve made a decent living on a lot of those things, alongside writing books and articles as well as whoring myself with columns like this, the true value of the platform isn’t the direct sales. It’s not the theme or plugin licenses you hawk out, nor is it that big design gig you got that paid you through last year.

The most obvious way to make money with WordPress is using it as a tool to meet your goals.

Want to write be an author? Start writing, and while you’re at it, start blogging about it. Promote yourself, and launch a website using WordPress to house said blog, along with everything else about your writing.

Want to be a pundit? Publish your analysis and prove why you’re the one to talk to, using WordPress as your platform. For the record, that was how I first started on The Blog Herald, headhunted by Matt Craven, all those years back. Man, I’m old…

Want to give talks and lectures? Then get yourself to guru status, own your niche, and promote as well as prove it all on a website running WordPress.

Want to work as a designer on a cool startup? Show them, and the world, that you got what it takes by publishing your most awesome stuff online, using social media and communities and your very own portfolio running WordPress of course.

I can go on but it is getting old and I’ve got some serious writing to do as well.

My point is this: WordPress is a tool and there’s money in using it, far beyond what the ecosystem can offer. By all means, sell your plugins, themes, rent out your time and make some money, you go girl/boy/whatever! Expand the WordPress ecosystem and cash in while doing it, I salute you.

Just don’t forget about the rest of the world. It is pretty big after all.

Image credit: Bar shot by yours truly (CC), monies by Jeremy Shultz (CC).