The Quick and Easy Way to Make Money With Adsense & WordPress

The Quick and Easy Way to Make Money With Adsense & WordPress

If you know how to do a simple WordPress installation and you’re not afraid to do some work to get started, I’m about to share with you one of the easiest ways to create multiple income streams online.

This is already being used by a lot of WordPress bloggers who are replacing part time incomes or even full time incomes by following a few simple steps:

  1. Creating a WordPress site that gets a lot of traffic
  2. Selling ad space on that site using Google adsense or by simply charging people to advertise on their site.
  3. Collecting residual income from the money paid to them by their regular advertisers

Sounds simple enough right? Of course it does, but there are still aLOTof people trying to do this and getting no results because they aren’t following a few simple rules. But before we get into what those rules are, let’s talk about the tools you’re going to need:

Tools for Making Money with Adsense & WordPress

First, you’re going to need the WPMU DEV WordPress Directory Plugin, which you can get right here:

WPMU DEV WordPress Directory Plugin

With this Premium WordPress plugin, you can turn your WordPress blog into a business directory by listing businesses according to their category and giving your visitors an online version of the old Yellow pages.

If your business directory becomes a trusted place for consumers to go and find good businesses, you’ll get a lot of qualified traffic, and that’s what advertisers will pay you for. Next, you need to either hire a good blogger for your directory site or make a commitment to do the blogging yourself.

You’ll need this blog content to keep your business directory site from becoming just about link farm which never gets more than a few hits a day. Now, here’s how you’ll use these tools to turn your new WordPress directory site into an online income generation machine.

Tip #1: Build a Review Site, not a Directory Site

Don’t just building another boring directory site.

The WPMU DEV Directory plugin has a feature which allows you to collect consumer reviews and to build a hybrid of a review site (like Yelp or Zaggat reviews) and a business directory. Use these features to build a place where consumers can go and find out what other consumers are saying about local businesses.

A review site has dozens of times more potential for bringing you repeat traffic and helping you earn money. Just look at Yelp, Angie’s list and the other highly credible review sites that are becoming so popular. They’re becoming popular because people don’t want plain information, they want reviews.

Research from Bing, Yahoo and Google and from Forbes magazine tells us that anywhere from 7 to 9 out of 10 consumers consult online reviews before they buy anything online. Makes sense doesn’t it? What do YOU do when you go to purchase something online?

Thousands of aspiring online marketers are trying to earn money with adsense building directory sites and failing because they don’t understand what business they’re really in. When you’re providing people with information about businesses, you’re in the trust business.

That’s your NUMBER ONE product, so make it your number one priority and keep it your number one priority by giving people the content they trust more than advertising.

Tip #2: Today Your Local Area, Tomorrow the World

When you first start out building your directory/review site, start local. Too many marketers get dollar signs in their eyes and try to do much too fast by appealing to a large global population instead of a small local one. You need traction in the beginning, so start small and start local before you expanding.

Call a few businesses in your area and let them know that you’d like to list them in your business directory, have a small blurb written about them and make sure you start with businesses that already have a good reputation. Don’t just invite anyone to participate, remember that you’re in the trust business.

Have an invitation below their listing for consumers to leave reviews about the business and let the business owner know what you’re doing so they can invite customers to leave reviews up where other consumers can see them.

The more getting customer reviews you get posted on your site, the more your site will start coming up in the search results when people are looking for reviews of local businesses. Then you’ve just got one more thing to do, and this is where you’ll separate your site from the thousands of wannabe directory and review sites on the internet…

Tip #3: Blog About Relevant & Current Events

Current and Relevant News is, and always will be, a hot topic.

When you’re creating content for your directory site, create something that people will actually read by becoming a journalist first and a blogger second. For example, the WPMU Directory plugin allows you to create a News section, as you’ll see in this demo site below:

WPMU DEV Directory demo site

I see a lot of marketers create directory sites and fill them up with keyword optimized content that no one would read more than a few words of. These “content farms” are slowly dying out, but people will always be interested in reading content that’s relevant to what’s going on in their local community.

So if you want to build a directory/review site that gets traffic and makes money, don’t follow the crowd…give people what they really want. Give them the news.

Here are a few ways you can come up with ideas for news stories that people will actually read:

  • Check your local paper for popular news stories. Your local paper has probably been bringing the news for a long time, so find out what they’re doing and apply it in your blogging.
  • Interview a few business owners in your area and share their story on your blog, this will turn them into powerful business allies and promoters of your site. You’ll probably also get some back links from them too, which will help your rankings.
  • Know what’s going on in your city and write about it on a consistent basis. If people discover that your business directory site is also a great information hub, they’ll come back just to read your content.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but if you’re even slightly motivated to take action on these tips, I just gave you every tip you need to start building a website that will make you residual income. Just remember that the beginning is slow and often profitless and that earning trust is more important than earning money.

If you do what’s written in this blog, you will eventually succeed and the money will follow.


Seth C