The Ultimate Video Guide to using the Ultimate Facebook plugin

The Ultimate Video Guide to using the Ultimate Facebook plugin

Integrating your website – and your visitors – with Facebook makes sense. After all, it is the world’s most popular social network.

But have you tried integrating Facebook with your site? Tired of having to install a gazillion different plugins just to get basic functionality?

WPMU DEV’s Ultimate Facebook plugin is the ultimate go-to plugin for integrating everything from Like buttons and photo albums to activity feeds and public comments on your site.

It’s a cinch to install, but to help you get started and make the most of the plugin’s functionality we’ve put together an eleven-part video series to walk you through how to get Ultimate Facebook working on your WordPress site.

Before you get started, don’t forget to download Ultimate Facebook. It’s the only Facebook plugin you’ll ever need!

Part 1 introduces you to the series, while Part 2 runs through the plugin’s features, including the ability to login with one click using Facebook, display Like and Send buttons, show a Like Box, Activity Feed, photo album or public comments.

Part 3 shows you how easy it is to create a Facebook app at, which is essential to setting up the plugin.

The features can be turned on and off in the plugin’s settings and Part 4 walks you through each of the options available.

Part 5 shows you how to configure the Like button and how to make the most of  and make the most of OpenGraph, a set of programming tools that let’s you get information in and out of Facebook.

WPMU DEV Facebook Like box
Ultimate Facebook provides widgets so you can add social media elements such as Like boxes, activity feeds and photo albums to your site.

Displaying public comments on your site allows visitors to engage with your content both on and off and Part 6 runs through how to set up comments and enable autoposting to Facebook.

Part 7 is all about shortcodes. Want to place a Like or Share button at the beginning of an important post? There’s a shortcode for that. What about displaying an upcoming events on your site? There’s a shortcode for that, too.

The plugin also includes widgets, which are explained in Part 8. Drag and drop widgets into your sidebar or footer to display albums, activity feeds and other Facebook elements.

Ultimate Facebook is Multisite and BuddyPress ready. Part 9 explains how to set up the plugin on a Multisite installation.

If you’ve watched this far Part 10 thanks you for sticking with the series. Part 11 is a cool promo clip for the Ultimate Facebook.

The great thing about this series is that it doesn’t just explain how to use the plugin, but shows you in a clear, concise and fool-proof way what you need to do to get the plugin working seamlessly on your site.

Are you using Ultimate Facebook?

The plugin does a bunch of really cool stuff so if you haven’t already downloaded it, get it now!

  • Facebook Connect – Allow or force users to register and login with their Facebook info
  • User Profiles – Automatically fill in profile fields when users register
  • Autopost – Make it simple to post new content (custom post types as well!) to user’s walls, fan pages, events or notes
  • Comments – Import comments made on Facebook into your WordPress site
  • Like and Send Buttons – With every customization option imaginable – place on posts, pages, custom post types or with available shortcodes
  • OpenGraph – Have complete control over the thumbnail image posted to Facebook when users Like or Send, or you autopost
  • Facebook Albums – Display images from a Facebook album using a widget
  • Facebook Events – Show upcoming Facebook events in a sidebar or with shortcodes
  • Fan Page Widgets – Like box, facepile and recommendations with complete customization options built in

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