The Ultimate WordPress Affiliate Plugin for Raising Your Own Marketing Army

The Ultimate WordPress Affiliate Plugin for Raising Your Own Marketing Army

If you’re a WordPress enthusiast who wants to outsource your traffic generation and conversions, you need an army of motivated affiliates working on your behalf. This is how most of the big earners in the online world connect with new customers and earn those ridiculous profits which the rest of us secretly hate them for.

If you want to get into this club, you need a good affiliate management solution and a good solid approach to recruiting affiliates. I’m about to show you where you can find both of these things and get your traffic generation and marketing on autopilot. Let’s start with the affiliate management technology you’ll need…

Tool #1: The WPMU DEV Affiliate Plugin

Check out WPMU DEV Affiliate here

This is hands down the best WordPress Affiliate management plugin on the market. It allows you to turn your WordPress members into affiliates without them having to sign up. It has tools for tracking leads and conversions and for delivering that data to your affiliates so that they can see what kinds of results they’re getting.

It allows you to use the Pay Pal mass pay option to pay your affiliates their commissions quickly (a must if you want to keep the high performers working for you).  It also makes it super simple to monitor your affiliates’ performances so you can reward your high performers and eliminate the affiliates who are just taking up space.

Check it out:

It also has a second tier affiliates feature so you can motivate your top performers to build your affiliate army FOR you.  This plugin also lets you create banner ads for your affiliates and use the WPMU DEV Affiliate tracking feature to measure the effectiveness of your affiliate ads.

It’s 100% compatible with BuddyPress, Multisite and for all new versions of WordPress, and it’s only $19 to download. I know, you were probably hoping for a free one. But realistically, how fast could you bury that $19 expense if you had a locked and loaded system for managing affiliates, tracking their performance and paying commissions?

So get a hold of that tool, and while you’re at it, here are a couple more you’re going to need…

Tool #2: WPMU DEV Group Emails

Check out WPMU DEV Group Emails here

The WPMU DEV Group Emails let’s you email every member of one of your BuddyPress groups. With this tool, you can create a BuddyPress group for your affiliates and make your best affiliates into group admins. This way, you build a loyal tribe of promoters, and get someone else to manage it for you.

The second tier affiliate feature will make this very appealing to your best performers. One more tool, then we’ll talk about some tips for recruiting affiliates and getting your army in motion…

Tool #3: WP Customer Reviews

Check out WP Customer Reviews here

If you’re selling anything on a WordPress site, you need this plugin. Especially if you want to get your offers converting so well that your affiliates simply have to bring traffic and let your offers take care of the rest.

The secret to online conversions these days is customer reviews, and the WP Customer Reviews plugin makes collecting customer reviews as easy as collecting comments on your blog. The customer posts the review, you approve it in the WordPress dashboard and it appears on the product page and in the search engine results, like this:

Get these three ^ tools up and running on your WordPress or BuddyPress site or your Multisite network, and you’ll be ready to apply four simple tips for raising and motivating your affiliate army…

Tip #1: Customers are the Best Affiliates

Customers are the best sales people, so recruit from your customer only.

If someone has never bought your product or service, they’re probably going to have a hard time selling it. They might even be the type of person to promote a product that they don’t really believe in just to make a commission. Obviously, this can be bad for your reputation. So start with your customers first rather than trying to recruit affiliates cold.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid of 100% Commissions

Offering your affiliates 100% commissions on some of your “doorway” products might not make a lot of sense, but it does when you consider that businesses grow through relationships. I advise having a few meaty up sell offers or follow up products which will be your “cash cows” and offering 100% commissions on your lower priced products.

This will provide a lot of motivation for your affiliates to get customers in your door and it will show them that you value their contribution to promoting your services.

Don’t look at this as giving away money. As long as you’re confident that your products deliver and that you’ll create a great customer service experience with your new customers, you’ll have no problem profiting from your follow up offers.

Tip #3: Run Contests Every Month

Contests are the best way to keep your affiliates excited and motivated, especially your peak performers. They can be especially effective if you offer prizes to the affiliates who earn the most money, rather than just to those who make the most sales.

I’ve personally worked with marketers who doubled sales from adding exciting contests like free ipod giveaways. Yes, I know what you’re thinking…you can’t afford to give away a new ipod or a pair of tickets to aCaribbeancruise.

But if you’ve got good affiliates selling for you, the money you pay out in prizes won’t make a dent in the extra profits you earn.

Tip #4: Follow the 80/20 Rule

This is the most important tip of all.

Based on my experience, 80 to 90% of your affiliates aren’t going to earn much at all. Many of them never make a sale or make only one or two. At the same time, 10 to 20% of your affiliates are going to earn almost all the money. These are the affiliates you want to spend time training and motivating…let the rest go.

Affiliate management is not a numbers game, it’s about being able to spot and to exploit talent. Unfortunately, most affiliate managers pour their time and attention into trying to make all their affiliates successful. Bad idea. Follow the 80/20 rule by investing your time and energy into getting the peak performers to blow the lid off of your profits.

Good luck!

-Seth C