The Universal Social Networking Like/Dislike Button Plugin for WordPress

The Universal Social Networking Like/Dislike Button Plugin for WordPress

A new social plugin is on the scene, claiming to be the universal like/dislike button. It operates off of a service called Yiid it! which was created for rapid sharing of information across multiple social networking platforms. The user simply clicks the like /dislike button and the item is shared to hundreds or thousands of his friends and followers.

Yiid it! is a new series of widgets that is enabling interaction and viral spreading of news, products, reviews and any other kind of information to a whole range of social networks SIMULTANOUSLY, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and many more to come.

Yiid it! is hoping to leverage the power of millions of WordPress users by releasing a free plugin for their service, the first of several more to come for other popular content management systems. Once installed, you can customize how and where the button appears on your site:

The plugin currently supports Facebook and Twitter but more services are coming soon:

  • google buzz
  • myspace
  • yahoo
  • linkedin

You can choose to add the button to every page or to single pages/posts:

One important item to note is that when sharing, the user will be giving Yiid it! access to post to their accounts by authenticating with one or more service. If your users consider this to be a drawback, they may be less inclined to share your content.

In addition to more social networks, the service also plans to add detailed statistics and user communication for direct marketing purposes. Yiid it! is preparing their own API, which will combine oAuth 2 authorization with webhooks to post likes and dislikes to sites. If you want to use their service to make your own plugin or custom solution, check out their developer info.

Yiid it! will be an interesting service to follow as they add more networks. What do you think about the ease of sharing across all of your social networks with one click of a button? Is it overkill or just the next step in convenience?