Working With Usernames

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There are some situations when people want usernames created without having their own blog e.g. several people just want to post on the same blog. To add these other people to the blog you will need to first create their username by either:

1. Enabling users to create their own using your signup page (e.g.
2. Or alternatively creating the new usernames using site admin


If one user decides to create all the usernames using your signup page remind them to log out of their account before visiting the signup page.

Using Site Admin to Create New Usernames

Image of users1. Click on Site Admin > Users

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page add the username and email address then click Add User

Image of add user
Please note:
a) In this example the username created is mirky
b) Username can be changed to nickname by the user at any time Users > Your Profile
c) This also adds this user to the main blog as a subscriber

Adding users to blogs

To add users to a blog:

1. Located the required blog (refer to Working with Blogs)
2. Click on Edit and scroll down right hand column of page to ‘Add A New User’ section.
3. Enter login name, assign role of user and click Update Options

Remember: Username must already be created!

Image of adding a user to a blogSee Next: Configuring Supporter (PayPal upgrades)