The WordPress MU Supporter Upgrades Plugin

The WordPress MU Supporter Upgrades Plugin

One of the things that I love about WPMU DEV Premium is that it gives us the chance to share with you some of the amazing work we do with sites like Edublogs.

Sure, some of you might say that we could do that and just make them freely available, and that’s a good discussion – but at the end of the day the membership model we run allows us to dedicate time, resources and pay people to assist us in making sure these plugins, themes and other features we offer both rock the house, and are supported and enhanced over time.

And personally I reckon that’s a good thing – I think we’ve been able to use the model to save people thousands of $s of development costs, and brought our experience and skills together in a genuine community, and I think the development of paid / upgrades modules for WordPress MU is a great illustration of that.

As you can read about in my making money from WordPress MU article, there have bean a heap of steps in this progress.

First we modified Who Sees Ads for WordPress MU (which we continue to maintain and have made a generous donation to the plugin author), then we developed the WordPress MU Upgrades plugin that basically copies the upgrades / extras functionality… and then we even threw in a pay to blog plugin too… just in case you wanted people to pay from the outset.

But the real cream of the crop, the best of the rest, is the Supporter plugin which we continue to update and continue to use with great success on Edublogs and (in a modified version) on

It’s sleek, powerful, simple and effective and has a few really, really nifty features, for example it:

– Does away with credits, and give you instead PayPal Subscriptions
– Allows you to simply turn off areas of the site to users that aren’t Supporters… for example, only supporters get Plugins!
– Allows you to simply place ads on every site (and admin area if you like!) which disappear as soon as a user signs up to be a Supporter
– Allows you to set features like extra upload space available only for supporters
– Allows users to turn off ads for other blogs (if you want to let them do that)
– Allows you to manually extend or create supporter blogs
– Allows you to offer free periods for new users after which the ability to ‘Write Posts/Pages’ disappears!

Check it out in full here.

Or click on the below thumbnail if you’d like to see all the configuration options come to life:


What’s configurable? What isn’t! You can change the:

– Currency
– Payment mode to single or recurring
– Cost for 1 month / 3 months / 6 months
– Free days for all new blogs (to get your own typepad, just make everything supporter only and set this to 14 :)
– Supporter messages (for example, on supporter only features… people get to look but not touch!
– … and a fair whack more!

So, we reckon that this is a must-have for our best of section, and we hope you like it too!

You can download the Supporter plugin here.