The WordPress Planet Has Been Replaced

The WordPress Planet Has Been Replaced

The WordPress Planet news feed is in some serious need of revamping. In our recent post “The WordPress Planet is Pants – and here’s how to improve it“, James pointed out what everyone was already thinking.

The WordPress Planet has been cluttered with irrelevant content for a long time. As no initiatives to improve it have been made known, the folks at WPLift has taken it upon themselves to create “A Better Planet,” a feed that includes WordPress news sources based on merit and relevance.

Introducing: A Better Planet

The free A Better Planet plugin adds a new dashboard widget to the WordPress admin with news from 30 of the most high quality sources in the WordPress community. It’s updated every 30 minutes with fresh news, tutorials and resources.

What feeds are included in A Better Planet?

A Better Planet dashboard widget
The feed is curated by the folks at WPLift and you can check out the full list at the new website for A Better Planet.

To be included in the master feed, a source must cover predominantly WordPress related news, tutorials and resources.

I’m happy to report that is included here, as we’ve met those qualifications for years and will continue our dedication to bringing you the most high quality WordPress news. WPLift will also conduct a monthly poll to select new sources for the feed.

Since we cannot depend on the WordPress Planet for relevant news, this plugin provides an excellent alternative. Many thanks to the folks over at WPLift for taking the time to put this together. A decent news feed will be a great benefit to the WordPress community and should raise the bar for other WordPress publishers. If you’re not into dashboard widgets, then follow A Better Planet on twitter for all the latest.