The WPMU DEV Premium Forums

The WPMU DEV Premium Forums

Yes, that’s right, my final entry into the best of WPMU DEV series isn’t a plugin, isn’t a theme, but is – in fact – a non-tangible experience based environments… namely the WPMU DEV Premium Forums.

Read on below the image for the reasons I think they are not just great in their own right, but the greatest tech support forums I’ve come across on the whole of the internets.


Well, first up over 13,000 posts isn’t too shabby! There’s a growing community of people there.

But perhaps more importantly there’s a barrier to entry… you don’t get to participate unless you are a member, and tat keps the standard exceptionally high.

And, WPMU DEV Premium staff are – because indirectly we’re paid to do it – always on call there to hep, advise, fix up and often actually develop stuff based on peoples requests… you just don’t get that in free-for-all forums.

And then there’s Andrew… the amount of time, effort and commitment he puts into those forums would make an energizer bunny look lethargic, and not only that, but there’s detail, commitment and almost always a happy ending!

I know I’m blowing our own trumpet here, but it’s no coincidence that nearly all of our testimonials mentioned the support and the forums.

And there’s a by-product too… while no-members can post, anyone can browse, so the quality and assistance you’ll find there is actually being shared with the wider world.

So it’s a win all round.

And hat’s the end of our greatest hits week… do you reckon we missed anything? Have anything else you’d like to add?

Fire away in the comments at will :)