Themecredible Enters into the Commercial Theme Market

It wouldn't be a theme club without a super hero mascot

It wouldn’t feel like a week in the WordPress community without the launch of a theme club – this week’s launch is Themecredible. Themecredible is a theme shop offering commerical WordPress themes to the world. It was launched by the guys running Padd Solutions, who have been producing free WordPress themes for four years. You’ve probably seen some of their themes about the place – they’ve been featured on places like Smashing Magazine and Specky Boy.

In such a competitive marketplace I wondered what makes Themecredible stand out. Here’s what Dulce Rose Lada, head of the development team, had to say:

We admit that we are late in the premium themes market but our years of experience in developing free themes gave us an insight on which themes most users need (design wise, functionality, features, etc).

Aside from our top-quality themes and experienced support team (community forums and priority helpdesk) we will be adding a free blog setup and installation services to our members to ensure a smooth blogging experience. Moreover, their membership subscription entitles them to our exclusive premium freebies (icons, digital files, etc.) which we will be releasing on a regular basis.

We are not only in the business of selling themes, we will be selling the ultimate WordPress experience! Customer support is our top priority.

Themecredible launches with one theme, and the promise of another coming in November. The launch theme is called WonderMag. Here it is:

WonderMag WordPress theme from Themecredible

Or you can check out the full demo here.

Themecredible are offering a 50% reduction for their first 100 customers who use the voucher code “INCREDIBLE50“. If you like the WonderMag theme then now would be a good time to sign up to get a cheap membership.

What do you think? Is the theme market too saturated? Or are we hungry for even more commerical WordPress themes?