ThemeThrift: Pay What You Want for WordPress Themes

A unique WordPress theme site popped onto my radar today. ThemeThrift is a new creation by Jake Caputo of Design Crumbs with a bit of an unorthodox pricing structure. The site will be selling themes at a substantial discount and even giving them away for free. Deals have a set time before they expire and users can choose exactly how much they want to pay:

Caputo is currently offering his Modest Theme on the site as the first deal. You can view the features and the live demo and elect how much you’d like to pay:

So what’s going on here with the themes? How does ThemeThrift work?

Caputo has set up the site as an experiment and we’re interested to see how it goes.

What happens to the theme afterwards is up to the developer; Some will sell them on theme marketplaces, others will retire them forever, and some might put their theme in a car and push it off a cliff, creating a fiery inferno of twisted metal and code.

Intrigued? Sign up at ThemeThrift to be make sure you get notified when new deals are available.

So what are your thoughts? Is this a WordPress theme graveyard or an exciting new experiment?