This Week in WordPress: Twitter a Long Time Coming and Bitcoin Questions Answered

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Friday, February 20

Say Hello

(WordPress News)

Obox has launched Layers, a new page building interface for WordPress. Brian Krogsgard at Post Status has written the first review. (It’s weird thatUpfront and Layers launched on the same day!)BuddyPress has broken its one-day download record with more than 10,000 downloads in 24 hours. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to fill out the 2015 BuddyPress Survey.

The GravityView plugin is now available to access for free on GitHub. Developer Zack Katz says he was inspired to make the code publicly accessible after listening to an interview with Matt Mullenweg.

On this week’s episode of WPWeekly, the guys at WP Tavern interview Wade Foster, CEO and co-founder of Zapier, a service kind of like IFTTT.

If you’re interested in meeting the VIP team, they’ll be at some upcoming events in Seattle, Boston and London.

Dressed for Success


In just 13 months Paul from has established himself as an elite author at ThemeForest. The 23-year-old offers some tips on how to successfully leverage the theme marketplace.Marcus Battle didn’t expect he’d be spending so much time on migrations when he joined WebDevStudios, but admits he has a “new found love and respect for the beast known as WordPress Migrations.” Marcus shares 10 things he’s learned migrating WordPress sites.

More practical advice: Information security consultant Gabor Szathmari says it’s time to suit up and protect WordPress – and shows you how to do it.

Managed web host WP Engine will host a webinar on the key steps to making your go-live a success on February 26.

Hashtag Results

(Themes and Plugins)

If you’re a Chrome user, here are a bunch of useful extensions that do things like hide the WordPress admin bar (WP Explorer).
CoSchedule is an editorial calendar for WordPress that helps with managing posts. WP Site Care runs through how to use it.
Social Streams is a free plugin for WordPress that will allow you to display the latest tweets and instagram photos on your website based around search results or hashtags.
And 15 stunning WooCommerce themes on the Elegant Themes blog.

To Infinity and Beyond

(Tutorials, Tips and Tricks)

How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress (WP Beginner).

Taking a Look at Infinite Scrolling: Advantages and Disadvantages (Torque).

How to Make a Meet The Team Page in WordPress (WP Daily Themes).

When You’re Hacked in WordPress: Dealing With a Hacked WordPress Site(tuts+).

How To Enable SSL For Localhost Using MAMP (Hongkiat).

Reasons You Should Do a Regular WordPress Check-Up (Pagely).

Funny Because it’s True

(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

A card game called Exploding Kittens has made Kickstarter history withmore than 200,000 backers and just over $8 million pledged.

Photoshop has come a long way since it was launched 25 years ago.

All the best for an awesome Friday and a fantastic weekend.

Monday, February 23

High Five

(WordPress News)

There were a lot of (virtual) high fives for core contributor Boone Gorges last week when he fixed a seven-year-old bug, ticking off a critical step in the ongoing WordPress taxonomy roadmap. The fix will allow taxonomy term splitting in WordPress 4.2. WP Tavern checks out a new plugin that will allow developers to find out of their sites are using any shared terms ahead of the 4.2 release.

Dressed for Success


Is Upfront really the future of WordPress? WP Mayor offers an overview of what our new theme platform has to offer.”Viewing your competitors as enemies is not hurting them, their product, or their business, but it is destroying your own from the inside out.” Easy Digital Downloads developer Pippin Williamson says competitors should be a source of motivation.

Do you use the sticky posts feature in WordPress? WP Tavern is running a poll.

If you’ve never used Joomla! before (or even if you have), Elegant Themes offers an insightful post on how it stacks up against WordPress.

Building Stories

(Themes and Plugins)

Theme shop Press75 has quietly released a free long form storybuilder to the WordPress Plugin Repository called – wait for it – Long Form Storybuilder. At first glance it looks really lovely.
Looking for a social media sharing plugin? WinningWP has posted its top 10 picks.
On the Elegant Themes blog there are some great theme options for updating the look and feel of your WordPress admin.
WPGlobus is a new, free plugin available in beta, which offers an interesting attempt at providing multi-language support for WordPress sites. It allows you to configure a set of available languages and adds a dropdown language switch to the front-end via a custom menu.

Quick and Easy

(Tutorials, Tips and Tricks)

A Quick and Easy Guide to Creating WordPress Admin Pages (WPMU DEV).

Using Plugins to Speed Up WordPress (tuts+).

Creating Location-Aware WordPress Sites with GeoIP (Torque).

How to Easily Add Lazy Loading for Videos in WordPress (WP Beginner).

When You’re Hacked in WordPress: Staying Safe Later On (tuts+).

A Creative Approach to Efficient and Scalable WordPress API Endpoints(Thomas Griffin).

Rocket Man

(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

“I am Elon Musk, CEO/CTO of a rocket company, AMA!” Software engineer turned aerospace and automotive visionary Elon Musk dropped by Reddit.His AMA is worth a read because Elon Musk.

With WordPress developers (hopefully) putting more effort in accessibility this year, here’s an interesting look behind the scenes at the team that makes it possible for the blind to use Facebook.

All the best for a thoughtful and productive Monday.

Tuesday, February 24

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

(WordPress News) has removed bitcoin from its payments options at checkout. As of yet, there is no official explanation for the disappearance.”Most people are convinced that traffic is the answer. But if I ask what they would do with 10 times traffic they don’t know.” WP Engine’s latest interview as part of its Finely Tuned Consultant series features Noah Kagan, the creative mind behind AppSumo and SumoMe.

On the WPwatercooler podcast this week is discussion about gallery solutions (at least 10, in fact) for WordPress.

Lastly, Chris Lema talks about why he does what he does in the WordPress community on the latest episode of KitchenSinkWP.

Press This


Mika Epstein wants you to stop using copy protection. Mika, who helps oversee the WordPress Plugin Repository, argues that copy protection degrades the user experience, makes it difficult to provide tech support and, perhaps most importantly, says they don’t work anyway.

Does the Press This bookmarklet encourage WordPress users to steal other people’s content? Lawyer Richard Best dissects the issue, while Jeff Chandler looks at the issue for WP Tavern.

Page Turner

(Themes and Plugins)

Aventurine is a new, free theme featuring bold typography and bright colors.

On the Pagely blog, writer Joe Fylan explains how to use the Admin Menu Editor plugin to control your admin menus.

Speedy Gonzales

(Tutorials, Tips and Tricks)

Speed Up WordPress: Caching and Database Optimization (WPMU DEV).

WP Tutorial: Foundation, Underscores and Sass, Oh My! (RachieVee: Rachel’s Blog).How to Add Facebook Style Autocomplete for WordPress Posts (WP Beginner).
How to Put Your WordPress Website in Maintenance Mode (WP Daily Themes).
How To Use WordPress Jetpack Offline (Hongkiat).
How to Create Custom Menu Structures in WordPress (Elegant Themes).

Ask Me Anything

(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

While Edward Snowden couldn’t attend the Oscars “for some treason,” he was able to pop by Reddit for an AMA with Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald from the Academy Award-winning documentary CitizenFour.

IFTTT has released a new set of apps to further simplify the automation service.

Are women leaving the tech industry in droves? An article on the LA Times website has stoked debate, including discussion in the Advanced WordPress Facebook group (if you’re a member you can check it out).

All the best for a cool Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 25


(WordPress News)

We’re looking for developers to join the talented team at WPMU DEV working on Upfront, our newly released theme platform. Interested? Apply now.“The volume has been dropping since launch, in 2014 it was only used about twice a week, which is vanishingly small compared to other methods of payment we offer. We supported Bitcoin for philosophical reasons, not commercial ones.” Matt Mullenweg has moved to clarify Automattic’s position on bitcoin after removed it as a payment method.

“We have authors earning tens of thousands of dollars from our various product types, but it’s WordPress authors who currently dominate our Power Elite wall of fame by holding 30 of the 31 Power Elite spots.” Ben Chan, Envato’s Director of Growth and Revenue, reveals some interesting information about the ThemeForest marketplace.

WordPress for iOS 4.8 has been released to the iTunes app store and includes a cool new WYSIWYG editing experience.

Sucuri is urging WP-Slimstat’s users to update as soon as possible. The security service has discovered a bug in the free analytics plugin that an attacker could use to perform a SQL Injection attack against the target website.

WPREcipes is now accepting guest posts and recipes so if you like writing about code snippets, why not get your posts published?

Getting Stuff Done


“Overall, if you will ask each active contributor to AWP or admin of AWP whether the group has enhanced its business and network of friends and developers, there would probably not be a single ‘no.’” Matt Cromwell offers some compelling reasons to join the Advanced WordPress Facebook group.

What are your productivity hacks? Do you wake up early? Use time blocks?WP Beginner’s Syed Balkhi and Brian Krogsgard from Post Status write about how they stay on top of their workload.

The history of WordPress is disappearing just as quickly as writer Siobhan McKeown can write about it for her book about the, well, history of WordPress. Read more at Post Status.

Which WordPress sites do you follow? WP Explorer has listed a bunch of the best blogs.

Another day, another new blogging platform. Elegant Themes compares and contrasts Biosgraphy and WordPress.

Drag and Drop

(Themes and Plugins)

Caldera URL Builder offers a new visual editor for WordPress permalinks.

RICG Responsive Images brings automatic default responsive images to WordPress.

Landing is a new drag and drop theme by the folks at Themify.

WP-Sweep lets you to clean up unused, orphaned and duplicated data in WordPress.

WebDevStudios has released a bunch of new goodies on GitHub, including WDS RSS Post Aggregator and WDS Widget Boilerplate.

Coming Soon

(Tutorials, Tips and Tricks)

How to Make a WordPress Admin Options Page (Without Using the Settings API) (WP Shout).

Working With WordPress User Profiles and Accounts (Theme Fusion).

How to Show Recent Posts by Category in WordPress (WP Beginner).

How To: Create Beautiful & Free WordPress Coming Soon Pages in a Few Clicks (WP Lift).

How to Deactivate Certain Plugins on Your Development Servers(DoItWithWP).

How to Easily Add Video Backgrounds to a WordPress Site (Envato Market Blog).


(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

Snapmail is a Chrome extension that offers self-destructing emails for Gmail.

The title “Developer” can mean may things. attempts to labelthe different kinds of developer roles.

All the best for a brilliant Wednesday.

Thursday, February 26About Time

(WordPress News)

It’s taken Twitter nine years to release an official plugin for WordPress. “It’s about time,” according to Brian Krogsgard, who takes a look at how the plugin ended up in the official repository.”The best thing about WordPress is the community. That said, it’s not just one community, we have many subgroups: bloggers, developers, designers, ‘web assemblers’, everything in between and more… Of course, meetups and WordCamps are just as important for bringing together the local WP communities. These all add to our experience in WordPress and help make it something special, successful, and strong.” Former WooThemes developer Tom Harrigan is the latest interviewee featured on the Cloudways blog.

Show Me the Money


Envato is raking in the cash from WordPress themes packaged as complete website solutions. Sarah Gooding at WP Tavern takes a closer look atEnvato’s recently published stats about it’s WordPress sellers.

Speaking of making money and ThemeForest, thinking about becoming an author on the marketplace? There’s an eight-step checklist of all you need to know at tuts+.

WP Tavern also takes a look at REST API-driven post editor and the need for speed.

After resetting the number of users his company follows on Twitter, ManageWP CEO Vladimir Prelovac has been experimenting with brand strength. He crunches the numbers in his latest post.

Is it okay to sell a ThemeForest theme outside of ThemeForest? Lawyer Richard Best explains licensing and the GPL when it comes to using content from the Envato marketplace.

Sage Advice

(Themes and Plugins)

The Roots starter theme is now known as Sage, and version 8.0 comes with an updated design.

WP Team List lets you easily display all your blog authors anywhere on your WordPress site.

Revive Old Post (formerly Tweet Old Post) is a free plugin that automatically post your archived content to selected social media accounts.

Truly Madly Deeply

(Tutorials, Tips and Tricks)

Using Appointments + to Setup and Streamline Client Consultations (WPMU DEV).

How to Archive Posts Without Deleting Them in WordPress (WP Beginner).

Truly Useful WordPress Development Tools: SASS, Local Development, and Git (Torque).


(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

Not only do you need to have some background in abstract math and learn earn cryptography, but you also have to be familiar with artificial intelligence and know how to build compilers. VentureBeat lists the 11 skills you need to master if you want to get an engineering job at Google.

Site point has put together a huge collection of resources for front-end developers. Lots of really useful stuff!

All the best for a productive Thursday.