Three new BuddyPress Themes

There’s been a heap of time gone into these, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be releasing our first BuddyPress themes.

Yep, I said themes, because there are three of them… each with it’s own delights and each which I reckon you’re going to love.

BuddyPress Community Theme

This is a Ning-inspired theme that’s packed to the rafters with customization options and goodies you won’t even begin to appreciate until you start using it.

BuddyPress Corporate Theme

Not only is this theme downright swish and stylish, but it also includes a range of very delightful customization options.

To switch the color and look and feel of the theme, simply visit the theme options and choose!

BuddyPress Fun Theme

And last, but definitely not least, we’ve got a fun inspired theme that takes a different approach altogether.

So hey, you can check them (and a heap of other themes too) out at our WordPress MU Themes page.