Today is SysAdmin Appreciation Day – Send Some Love!

Did you know that today, the last Friday in July, is System Administrator Appreciation Day? SysAdmins are a generally under-appreciated lot, and we’d like to give a shout out to all of you out there who spend long hours keeping our sites up and running!

Many thanks to our own SysAdmins, Micheal, GB and Mohanjith, who keep, WPMU DEV and Edublogs pumping day and night.

What can you do to celebrate? Give your SysAdmin a hug! The SysAdmin Appreciation Day Gifts recommendation page has some ideas. The creators of this holiday are under the impression that SysAdmins like to receive geeky toys, technology, and loads of junk food! Is this true SysAdmins? Can you confirm? Enjoy your day and thank you for working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep us afloat!