Top 10 Must-Have Tools For WordPress and Firefox Users

Last week we brought you 4 Exciting New Tools For WordPress and Google Chrome, which many Chrome users found to be very useful. This week we’d like to showcase tools for Firefox, another popular browser among WordPress users. Firefox has quite a lot to offer you in the way of quick access to your WordPress installation as well as many enhancements for the active blogger.

One-Click Installer for WP

This add-on installs plugins or themes on your self-hosted WordPress blogs with a single click. It adds a new entry to the popup context menu for links to .zip files. Clicking the new menu item will install the plugin or theme file on the WP blog and the file type – plugin vs. theme – is detected automatically. This extension works in combination with the plugin listed below.

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One-Click Plugin Updater

This plugin works with the One-Click Installer for WP add-on. If the plugin that needs to be updated is active, it is deactivated. The Plugin Updater retrieves the plugin’s page from and finds the download link.The new version is downloaded and extracted to the wp-content/plugins directory. If necessary, the updated plugin is re-activated.

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WordPress Personas For Firefox

Personas are themes for your Firefox browser. Installing a persona will add just a little splash of art to your daily life, if you’re constantly using Firefox. Decorate your browser with a WordPress-themed persona. There are several available to choose from.

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WordPress Helper

The Firefox add-on helps when working with WordPress by providing a useful menu of tools that make it easy to get quick access to developer-relevant pages of the WordPress Codex. It’s also possible to search after strings of text that is currently marked and easily switch to the WordPress backend of the current site. The add-on also shows a small icon to indicate whether the currently displayed website makes use of WordPress.

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Screen Grab to WordPress

Screen Grab is a handy Firefox add-on that allows you to save any page as an image and post it to your WordPress blog.

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Spread Firefox

This displays a browser-specific “Update to Firefox” image on your wordpress sidebar. For IE6 users, a top drop down banner also encourages an upgrade. This plugin works in correlation with the affiliate program at Spread Firefox (, but is not required.

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If you love keyboard shortcuts, then this add-on is for you. This Firefox add-on lets you manage your WordPress blog faster. It also supports multiple blogs and allows for the creation of custom shortcuts.

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ScribeFire Blog Editor

ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your WordPress blog. You can drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, upload images, and post to multiple blogs.

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Get Firefox

This WordPress plugin helps to spread Firefox by displaying a get Firefox button in the sidebar of your blog or anywhere else. You can place the badges using the built-in widgets or use one of the template tags provided to place it outside of widgetized areas.

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Zemanta expands the author’s regular blogging or email dashboard, populating it on the fly with content suggestions relevant to the current text. It presents images, links, articles, tags in a simple interface. It encourages re-use and linking to other content with as little effort as possible – a single click.

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