Troubleshooting WordPress: 404 Errors with Custom Post Types

We all love custom post types. They’ve really opened up WordPress to all sorts of new possibilities. But sometimes they have a habit of acting funny and need to be slapped around a bit to play nice. I spoke to David, one of our Help and Support Pros, and he said that a common problem that crops up again and again on the WPMU DEV support forums is a 404 messsage appearing when using custom post types.

Before you start pulling out your hair these are the first things you should do:

1. Go to Settings > Permalinks

2. Change your permalinks to something different to what you have

3. Save

4. Change your permalinks back to your preferred setting

This flushes the rewrite rules and should provide a solution to your problem.

Remember that many plugins use custom post types so even if you think you aren’t using them you might just be.

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