Turn Visitors Into Customers With A Chatbot For Your WordPress Site

Turn Visitors Into Customers With A Chatbot For Your WordPress Site

Interact With Customers To Bring Repeat Visits and Conversion
I Told You To Talk To Strangers!

Your website is your baby.  You have made it yourself, you love it more than words can express, and you just can’t help telling strangers how great it is.  But you can’t baby it.  At some point, you have to let it go out into the world and interact with people on its own.

Chatting With Your Customers

One way to have your website engage with casual visitors is to have a proactive chat application.  Most chat applications, though, rely on having a dedicated support professional on the other end of the chat.  If you don’t have the spare time or money to have multiple full-time customer support people, then Acobot might be for you.  Acobot is a free (up to a certain level of use) application that lets you install a chatbot on your website that can talk to visitors.


To install Acobot on your site, they have provided a handy WordPress plugin.  After installing the plugin, sign up for the service (you enter a name and an email address that does not have to be associated with the site), navigate to the Install page, and grab the WordPress Installation Key.  Head back to your WordPress site and look for Acobot Live Chat under the Settings tab in the Dashboard.  Enter your WordPress Installation Key and press the activate button to launch the bot.  When you return to your front-end pages, you will see the chatbot pop up in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Convert A Hit Into A Visitor And A Customer
The Robot Has A Droll Sense Of Humor. Or is it Droid?

Training Your Robot

In order to make the chatbot an effective respondent to customer questions, though, you will have to train the chatbot.   Acobot.com does provide a helpful guide on how best to train your chatbot, but it will take some time to get it to consistently output the kinds of responses you want.  Do keep in mind, though, that the robot is reasonably smart, so you don’t have to overdo it.  An example of its robot cunning: if it doesn’t understand a question, it will ask the visitor for their email so you can harvest the address and reply to the question at your leisure.

Candid Feedback

Perhaps the most important function of the chatbot, though, is the opportunity to get a candid look into the minds of your users.  Normally, you would have to either gather a ton of data or very carefully engineer the user experience to be able to predict what your users will want or ask for.  But when they ask the Chatbot about how to find a function in your site or ask for/about a feature that may not exist yet, you can get that same information in an even more reliable fashion.  Acobot facilitates this by recording the chat logs of every conversation that your chatbot has, in a legible and easily navigable format.

Train The Chatbot To Direct Your Customers And Harvest Emails
Use The Chat Logs To Train The Bot To Deliver Better Responses

By gaining insights into your visitor’s minds, providing them with timely support, and gently pushing the users towards the services you provide, Acobot may be able to boost customer satisfaction and drive conversions.