Twitter backgrounds and screen resolutions

Twitter backgrounds and screen resolutions

I was thinking the other day about whether or not the WPMU Twitter background was too large for most peoples resolution and figured that I’d check in on the resolutions, over the last 12 months of visitors to this site to let me decide either way.


So, from what we can see there’s actually only a 16.12% slice of visitors with a 1024 resolution – which means that at least 80% of visitors would have no trouble at all viewing our entire chunky Twitter background image.

In fact, in 1280 pix wide (or 1200px as seen below) it looks rather nice.

I know netbooks are all the cool at the moment, but there’s a good argument for designing for 1200 px there too. Especially if you’re a tech / dev focused blog like this one…I should do a review in a year or so :)