Two new WPMU Jobs … and a new WPMU Developer

There are two new, and exciting looking, WPMU Jobs as of the last two days:

Install WordPress MU, BuddyPress onto existing WordPress site – transfer all data

Installation, Customization of Pay to Blog, and Domain Mapping

And a new developer too: Russell Fair

a “freelance web developer, and WordPress guru with about 6 years experience. I work from a small office in Atlanta, GA. My rates are reasonable, and I have a very friendly account manager who is prompt and reliable with all support and change requests. i look forward to hearing about your project.”

If you’re a WordPress MU or BuddyPress freelancer or developer and not listed on WPMU Jobs, you’re doing yourself a disservice!

Plus, it’s completely free for WPMU DEV Premium members to use.. and people can contact you regardless of whether they are members or not!