Typekit for WPMU – New Free Plugin Available!

Typekit for WPMU – New Free Plugin Available!

TypekitWho doesn’t love TypeKit? Today a fantastic new plugin, Typekit for WordPress, was released by OM4. The best news is that it is compatible with WordPress MU!

With all the buzz that font embedding services like Typekit have been getting lately, we wanted to do a little feature to show our readers how they can get this WPMU-compatible typography tool operating on their websites. Typography on the web is changing and Arial and Times New Roman just aren’t cutting it anymore. Users want to express the nuances of their brand with the type faces that represent their character more accurately. Thanks to this plugin, beautiful typography is more accessible than ever for both WP and WPMU users.


This plugin allows you to make a whole new level of customization available to your users. If you make it available to the blog owners on your WPMU site, then they are able to customize their fonts using their own Typekit account. It will apply it to their blogs, no matter what theme they are using. Typekit for WordPress offers your users the opportunity to use hundreds of beautiful fonts available in Typekit’s repository. The fonts are applied using the font-face standard, so they are standards compliant, fully licensed and accessible.


1. Sign up for a Typekit account at: http://typekit.com There is a free basic version and then several paid options, depending on your needs.

2. Select the fonts you want to use from their repository and then make sure to click Publish.

3. Go to your Dashboard, install the plugin by navigating to Plugins >> Add New >> Search for “Typekit for WordPress” and then click Install. That will enable it for just your main admin blog. If you want to enable it sitewide for your users, download it and drop it in the mu-plugins folder.

4. Go to your account at Typekit and copy the embed code. Paste it into the Typekit options under “Settings” in your dashboard. There you can also create custom CSS rules for the selectors you want to target.

*This process will be the same for any of your blog owners who want to enable this for themselves. Even if they put your main domain in for their Typekit accounts, it will give them a unique Javascript embed code and the plugin will add it to the header of the user’s blog only.

Is your WPMU site frumpy and unfortunate-looking? The Typekit for WordPress plugin can take your blog network from a simple pool of information to a work of art. Get expressive with Typekit today!