Ultimate Branding Just Made Customizing Login Screens Super Easy

Ultimate Branding just turned 5 and we’re celebrating with some epic new white label features!

Update: 02/19/2019 Ultimate Branding got a superhero upgrade. Welcome Branda 3.0 with refactored code, an all new UI/UX, new style templates, and bulk module controls.

Our WordPress re-branding plugin is the all-in-one, everything you need toolkit for giving WordPress a completely new look WordPress. Personalize the dashboard, reconfigure the toolbar, add your very own hot links and tooltips, replace the WordPress logo absolutely everywhere including the login screen and favicon… The list goes on and on.

Whether you’re a design agency building client sites or a branding obsessed perfectionist who wants a custom admin panel, Ultimate Branding is a powerhouse when it comes to simple polished design from front to back. It’s lightweight, it’s quick and it’s extremely good at what it does.

We rarely talk about how completely brilliant this plugin is but to celebrate 5 we’ve added some extra goodies you’re going to absolutely love.

I could go on-and-on about everything included in Ultimate Branding, but you can check out the product page for all the details. Today I want to show you what’s new, and a little teaser for what’s in the works.

So let’s jump in!

Introducing the All New Login Screen Module

WordPress login screen
Check out how I mocked up my login screen with Ultimate Brandin’s new login page feature. Pretty cool, huh?

We all know the WordPress login screen is kind of blah… and that’s OK if you’re the only one visiting it.

But I can think of about 100 reasons other users may end logging into your site, and if you are more than just a hobbyist you’ll want to give your login screen a makeover.

Ultimate Branding has always included the ability to change your logo, but to really go Gucci on the login screen it took at least an intermediate understanding of CSS.

Not anymore!

We’ve ratcheted the power and made every element of the WordPress login screen customizable without having to drop a single line of code.

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Transparency
  • Shadows
  • Borders
  • Radius
  • Margins
  • Background Images
  • Text Field Labels
  • Remember Me Checked
  • Lost your password and back to links

It’s all there with simple toggles, selectors, checkboxes and color pickers. Now you can put together a professional grade custom login screen in minutes.

Plus, to make it super simple we’ve added some pre configured login templates to give it a lot of flair without any tweaking.

Ultimate Branding’s new login feature allows you to change everything from the logo to your background images, fonts, wordings… this image is just a small section – it’s 4x this long!

Shortcodes for Global Footer and Header Content

We’ve also done some work with global header content and global footer content to include Shortcode parsing. These two beauties have always been a convenient way to display banner messages across an entire network or to quickly add Google Analytics and other tracking codes with basic HTML.

Now with shortcodes, you’re able to quickly integrate features from other plugins and trigger dynamic content like surveys or opt-ins.

Gettin’ Fitted With a New Birthday Suit!

And now for a bit of a tease, though you probably already noticed we’ve been working hard to modernize and simplify the user experience for many of our time tested products. Ultimate Branding isn’t being left out – we’ve got a slick new design in the works and we can’t wait to share it with you.

If you’re looking to give your site the icing on the cake, the colorful sprinkles and the cherry on top, Ultimate Branding is it. Get a full 30 days of WPMU DEV goodness completely free – and of course that includes all our pro services for site speed optimization, SEO, security, automated backups with 10GB of cloud storage, one place to manage all your sites, our complete catalog of 100+ premium plugins and themes, and our award winning 24/7 customer support on all things WordPress. Cancel at any time and keep Ultimate Branding as our gift for giving us a try.

Wish Ultimate Branding a happy birthday with a download, a share or a comment. Tell us how Ultimate Branding is helping on your sites. We really enjoy your feedback. It’s the best! :)