Upfront 1.2 Is Out, Try It For Free Today!

Welcome to Upfront 1.2, the version we’re dubbing “Upfront for the People.”

What do we mean by “for the people?”

Well, first up, this new version introduces user restrictions that allow you to control different actions that your users can perform – handing over your Upfront site to a client or running it on your Multisite setup just got amazing.

Now your authors and contributors can use Upfront *just* for posting, your editors can change images but not layout and you as admin can maintain total control.

And second because hey, it’s now free, literally. Sign up for a free trial today at WPMU DEV and if you cancel in the first 14 days, you can actually keep Upfront (and all of our other plugins and themes!). That’s the beauty of the GPL!

Drag, scale, position, customize and see every edit as it’s made – in real-time – with Upfront. And it’s for free for WPMU DEV membersSee Starter Themes

But we haven’t stopped there, in addition to the all new user modes, we’ve also just released:

  • A brand new WP admin area
  • Awesome image element improvements
  • Experimental performance switches
  • A smoother loading experience
  • Debug and reset options
  • And lots, lots more…

Read on for more details.

Or just choose a starter theme you like today and give it a whirl, on the house :)

Upfront 1.2 is here and it's free!

What’s New in Upfront 1.2?

So. Much. We’ve made huge improvements both under the hood and on the front-end to help admins better manage their Upfront sites for users while also improving the overall stability and performance of the platform.

Of course, all of these new features are in addition to the existing features we’ve built into Upfront over the past three years with our dedicated team of a dozen developers and designers.

“And as for power, this platform can cater to your wildest dreams of efficient theme-wide customization, from fonts to colors to preset element designs.” – James Farmer, CEO

Admin Area and User Restrictions

We’ve built a brand new admin area that brings together a whole bunch of user requests and other features, making this Upfront release the most powerful and user-friendly yet.

User Roles and Restrictions

Control what the editor, author, contributor and subscriber user roles on your site are able to see and do with Upfront.

Some members who manage Multisite networks asked us “How do we stop users from modifying stuff?” Now you can set access to 17 different types of functionality. Want to restrict subscribers from loading Upfront and changing your layout? Done. Or stop contributors from uploading photos of their cats. You can do that, too. You can even completely turn off access to Upfront for all users on your site except admins and super admins.

Upfront 1.2 features all new user restrictions.
Upfront 1.2 features all new user restrictions.

Debug and Reset Options

We’ve added the ability to reset your theme or even reset individual page layout. So if you’ve started making changes to your theme but it doesn’t look quite right and you want to start again, just go to Upfront > General and hit the big red “Reset Theme” button. This has been a popular feature request and one we hope you use with caution since you won’t be able to recover your changes.

If you’ve changed the layout of a particular page and want to start over, you can also reset your layout and start again.

And if you’ve just updated Upfront core, you can reset the Upfront cache from the admin area, too.

The new debug options available in Upfront 1.2.
The new debug options available in Upfront 1.2.

Upfront Learning Resources

You can now access Upfront tutorials in the new admin area and learn everything from the basics of how to change colors and typography to structuring your site with regions, tweaking elements with custom code, and working with responsive, pages, and posts.

New Upfront documentation is in the works, walking you through everything you need to know about how to use the platform, and will be added to this screen very soon. Stay tuned!

Experimental Performance Switches

We’ve added some experimental performance-improving optimizations that will make your Upfront site load even faster.

It’s up to you whether you want to try out the “aggressive” optimizations (which debounce built-in scripts and loads them asynchronously) or make “hardcore” changes (that debounces all built-in dependencies, as well as jQuery, and moves them to the footer).

Another feature is the ability to turn on Upfront GZip compression for AJAX.

It’s important to note that if you turn on these experimental features you do so at your own risk, and some of the settings might interfere with existing plugins on your site.

Image Element Improvements

We’ve given the image element a shiny new user interface along with lots of other usability improvements.

The cropping UI is now much smaller and easier to access using an expandable panel. Even on tiny images it works great!

We’ve significantly improved Upfront’s handling of huge images. Now you can automatically re-size them to be as large as you want while still fitting the screen and without creating scrollbars.

There’s also a new resizing lock so you can re-size images beyond their original size (i.e. photos) or if you want images to always remain at a set size (i.e. logos).

The image alignment control is much more flexible with nine snap points rather than left, right and the center.

Dealing with smaller images, such as logos, has been dramatically improved.

Now you can lock images, making it even easier to resize them.
Now you can lock images, making it even easier to resize them.

Improved Upfront Editor Loading

Loading Upfront is now a much smoother experience. We’ve also added a handy progress indicator so you can see how long it’s going to take Upfront to load.

As our Product Designer and Upfront wunderkind Victor Ivanov says, it’s “super awesomesauce to actually see the percentage progress bar load. Woot!”

New Post Creation Experience

We’ve been so busy working on making Upfront bigger and better that we completely forgot to tell you all about Upfront 1.1 and the awesome new post creation experience!

We had a lot of members who wanted the ability to switch on and off parts of their post template, i.e. some themes come with categories displayed on every post and some users wanted to disable that. Now you can take apart the single post template and do all kinds of crazy stuff with it.

Here are some other cool things you can now do:

  • Resize and reposition any part of your post. Want your author name and image above the post title? No problemo.
  • Use the feature image element or show feature image in a region (if in a region, you can place parts of your post, like the title and categories, over the feature image region)
  • Show / hide any part of the post template.
  • Add custom funky CSS to any part of a post template
  • Modify the markup, so instead of the date displaying as ?April 19, 2016″ you can change it to “Posted on: April 19, 2016”

TL;DR: Basically, it’s the same kick-ass drag and drop experience you already know and love, but now available for single post templates, too.

Our stunning Upfront starter themes are ready out-of-the-box and are completely customizable.
Our stunning Upfront starter themes are ready out-of-the-box and are completely customizable.

Check out Upfront 1.2 for Free Today!

We’re constantly working to improve Upfront and we’ve got loads more features and stunning themes in development.

Take a more detailed stroll through what Upfront offers or sign up for a 14-day trial and try Upfront and our collection of starter themes for free.

Drag, scale, position, customize and see every edit as it’s made – in real-time – with Upfront. And it’s for free for WPMU DEV membersSee Starter Themes