Upfront Gets Full WooCommerce Compatibility (and You Can Download and Keep It for Free!)

We heard that you were looking for a set of WooCommerce themes that you could easily customize with drag and drop functionality, and you could also download and keep for free.

Well, guess what? You just found them! With all new full WooCommerce compatibility, our Upfront theme framework now gives you all that and a whole bunch more.

And did I mention that you can download Upfront and all of our starter themes and the Upfront Builder and install WooCommerce and keep it all even if you decide you don’t want to continue being a member, for free? Just start a free trial (you can even do it in the navigation above… There is no shortage of other buttons on our site!) – it’s the magic of the GPL!

So, wanna take a look at how it works? Cool :) Thought so…

Upfront now has full WooCommerce integration.
Upfront now has full WooCommerce integration.

How easy is that! Just use the Widget element in Upfront, drag it to wherever you like, and bosh! Your WooCommerce widget has been added to your design.

But we haven’t stopped there… We’ve also made it so that WooCommerce looks beeeautiful in all of the different starter themes we provide (and will provide in future) and, of course, if you are CSS-minded you can easily customize, edit and tweak the look and feel of your site even further, and even create your own Upfront WooCommerce themes for sale!!!

Check these out…

Product Listings To Die For

Product listings in your online store could look this good with Upfront's new WooCommerce integration.
Product listings in your online store could look this good with Upfront’s new WooCommerce integration.

So this layout has been made with our starter theme Issue, and I think you’ll agree that it looks rather nice indeed.

You’ll basically get every aspect of WooCommerce listings, looking beautiful out of the box and, as I mentioned, tweaking the designs is super, super simple, even if you are not a coder.

You’re going to absolutely *love* playing with this :)

Individual Product Pages You Will Love

Stunning single product listings straight out-of-the-fox.
Stunning single product listings straight out-of-the-fox.

You wanted a lovely product listing page? Sure thing, here you go :)

So this is a WooCommerce individual product page in our Fixer starter theme and I think you’ll agree it looks marvelous.

Of course, all of the fonts, form styling and even theme colors are automagically applied to the elements of design, so you can rest assured that any listing you make will look as good as this out of the box.

And How About This For a Cart!

Styling you cart with Upfront couldn't be any easier.
Styling you cart with Upfront couldn’t be any easier.

This is another great example of WooCommerce adopting the global type settings and styling of a particularly gorgeous theme, in this case Panino.

As you can see it’s easy to set up a really nice full screen shopping cart, so checking out is easy… but it’s equally easy to add a small cart to a sidebar, or anywhere else you want really.

Just drag and drop :)

Checkout Like a Breeze

Easily style checkouts to match your branding.
Easily style checkouts to match your branding.

And last, but by no means least, if you’re keen on having a beautiful checkout experience, look no further than any one of our starter themes.

This one is Scribe – it’s an awesome bespoke arty (dare I say a bit hipster…) theme that is guaranteed to bring out the inner Etsy in you.

And, as you can see, it has been configured to work perfectly with WooCommerce!

So there you have it… We’d love to see what beautiful shop faces, stores and new themes you can create using either our Upfront starter themes or from scratch with the Upfront Builder.

And, as ever, we’d love to hear your feedback, questions and any feature requests in the comments.

Onwards and Upfrontwards!

James Farmer
Have you used Upfront to create stunning websites? Keen to give Upfront + WooCommerce a go? Let us know what you think in the comments below!