Using the new Facebook ‘Send’ button with WordPress

Using the new Facebook ‘Send’ button with WordPress

It was only a year ago that Facebook introduced us to the now ubiquitous ‘like’ button.

And now, they launched the new ‘send’ button so that we can all add to the list of sharing tools we have at the top or bottom of all of our posts.

So what does it do, you ask?

The ‘send’ button is Facebook’s way of encouraging users to use Groups and Messages. This is because now with the click of the ‘send’ button, you can easily send a message to all members of a group (or to individuals as well) with a link to the blog post or site content you want to share.

This is different than the ‘like’ button as the ‘like’ button shares content with all of your friends, not just  a select number or group.

And each ‘send’ also counts as a ‘like’ for those that keep score of how successful a post was that way.

You can see it in action at the bottom of this post!

How to add it to WordPress

While I’m sure a plugin or two for this is coming our way, some of us prefer a more hands-on approach for the maximum in customization.

And this hands-on approach is pretty easy too :)

The following steps will add the like and send button together wherever you like in a post:

1. Ignore the handy tools available on the Facebook Developer site – they don’t like WordPress and won’t work for you.

2. Copy the following code:

{code type=php}

the loop.

5. Paste the code from step 2 somewhere in the loop. Do a CTRL-F search for “entry-content” and paste it right above the <div> to put the like and send buttons before all of the text in your post.

6. You might check here for some attributes you can use to customize the look and feel of your buttons too.

Stay-tuned to and we’ll let you know about the best WordPress plugins for ‘send’ as soon as they are released.

What do you think about this new feature from Facebook? Do you plan on sending any links to your friends or adding it to your site?

We’re not totally sure that the extra steps for readers to choose friends and type a message, coupled with the extra choices (do I like, send, tweet, etc.), is the way to go yet – but let the testing commence!