Want to Write for WPMU.org?

Want to Write for WPMU.org?

Got somewhere to say but nowhere to say it? Want to flex your WordPress fingers? Think you could write an awesome tutorial? Want to increase your exposure? We are looking for guest bloggers to contribute to WPMU.org. We interested in people who love WordPress, know WordPress and who want to write about WordPress – developers, designers, coders, bloggers, end-users, business people, entrepreneurs, network admins, sys-admins, SEOs, knitters, and anyone else who gets their kicks off of WordPress.

What Are We Looking For?

  • High-quality tutorials
  • Tips, hacks and tricks
  • Thoughtful opinion pieces
  • Interviews with cool/interesting people
  • Videos
  • Guides & walkthroughs
  • Post series
  • Open to any ideas

What Will You Get?

WPMU.org is one of the most popular WordPress news & tutorial sites on the net. We receive more than 250,000 visitors per month and this increases by about 15% every month. That’s not too shabby. If you produce an article for us we’re happy for you to promote your own product and website. We’ll post your article to our Facebook and Twitter accounts and promote the hell out of it.

Not only that but you’ll get some experience working with one of the most awesome blogging teams in the WordPress solar system. Either myself, Sarah, James or Ronnie will put your post through the editing wringer and pass on all of the knowledge we’ve gained making WPMU.org into the successful blog that it is today.

I’m Game! What Next?

Drop us an email and pitch your idea. Include some links to things you’ve already written elsewhere. Or if you haven’t posted at another blog just show off your awesome skills in an email. If we like your idea we’ll get in touch and you’ll find your writing right here!
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