What Makes You Love or Loathe a WordPress Theme?

We enjoyed the results of the blog survey (congrats to the winner by the way, you know who you are!) so much that we figured we’d try to get your feedback again… and give away another annual WPMU DEV account (worth $588) to one lucky respondent :)

And to make things even better, this survey is less than half as long and concerns one thing and one thing only… themes.


You see, we’re working on a bit of a secret project here at Incsub and it maaaay just be theme related… we really wanted to bring it to you last year, but it’s kinda grown and grown and now we’re hoping to bring you something four times as good, in only twice the time. Result!

More seriously though, we’re hoping to have this awesome beast ready for you by midyear at the latest, and your feedback will really help us prioritize the remaining work.

So, without further ado, here’s the remarkably short one page survey… we reckon you can complete it in under 60 seconds… go!

Trouble using the embedded form, click here to go directly.

Anything we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below… we’ll even enter you twice for good feedback & discussion.

And we promise that it’ll be worth the wait.