Weekly WordPress Plugin Directory Releases and Updates 11/18/2010

Weekly WordPress Plugin Directory Releases and Updates 11/18/2010

So we thought we’d keep you all up-to-date with what’s new in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Below are the new releases and updated plugins. Check back every Thursday!

Posts & Pages

Custom Post Widget
This plugin enables you to display the content of a custom post type called Content Block in a sidebar widget.

Related Posts from Search Engine
When someone is referred from a search engine like Google, the plugin show your blog content matched the terms they search for.

SlideNote for WordPress
SlideNote For WordPress is a widget for displaying flexible, customizable sliding notifications.

Recently Updated Posts and Pages
Changes the behavior of the built-in Recent Comments widget to display comment excerpts instead of post titles

Google Translate Box
Displays a box in the “Add New Post” page that allows you to quickly translate any text from and to different languages.

Terms to Links
Author URI: http://wpdavis.com/ This plugin will automatically link term names in your content to that term’s detail page.

All Credit Due
Credit those who helped by including a stylish list of names after any post, potentially including a Gravatar and link for each.

Frontend Edit Profile
Add frontend profile to pages or posts.

Custom Post Types Relationships
Version: 1.0 This plugin will let you create custom post relationships among posts, pages and custom post types.

WP About Author
Easily display customizable author bios below your posts


Voldo Basic Video Gallery
With this plugin you can create video galleries with flv videos and/or youtube videos.

Use the VideofyMe WordPress plugin to quickly insert a VideofyMe video into your WordPress.org or WordPress Multisite post.

Funny Photos
Plugin “Funny Photos” displays Funny photos on your blog. There are over 5,000 photos. Add Funny Photos to your sidebar on your blog using a widget.

Strx Youtube Widget
Strx Youtube Embed Widget lets you embed youtube videos on sidebars enabled sites simply pasting Youtube URLs

Redpeppix. Plugin
This is the official redpeppix.-CREATOR plugin. It helps you to easily add your wordpress blog to the CREATOR-world of redpeppix.

Cast My Blog
When you create a new post, it is automatically converted to audio using text to speech technology, and a podcast-compatible link is inserted into your post.

Video Embed Widget
Easy-peasy way to embed videos (and other oEmbed media) in your sidebar using widgets

SF Browser
SFBrowser is a file browser and uploader. It can replace the existing media library.

Shuffle modifies/improves your Media Library in a number of ways

Easy Video Player
Easily embed Easy Video Player videos and audio into WordPress posts, even with the visual editor!

Easy webradio gratis player
Widget that plays your web radio system http://www.webradiogratis.com/en/ service, free internet web radio with shoutcast and centovacast.

Flash Player Widget
Put a simple MP3 FLASH player (Dewplayer) on your WordPress and link MP3 with a “a href”

Magic Gallery
Complete Gallery Solution for WordPress.

Photoshelter Gallery Widget
PhotoShelter Gallery Widget allows you to pull in PhotoShelter galleries into your sidebar.

WP-Flickr Press


ImageShack Transloader
Transload your post images to ImageShack to save server resources.

Social Media

Strx Simple Sharing Sidebar Widget
Dynamic widget to insert classic social buttons and counters on your sidebar.

Facebook Like Button
The simplest way to add Facebook Like Buttons to your WordPress blog. One click setup and start getting Facebook likes for posts on your blog.

RJW Thinglink
A very simple way to add the Thinglink script to your whole website.

Like FB
Very Simple light weight plugin to integrate facebook like button on every post

Twitter Feed for WordPress
A simple Twitter feed that outputs as a list within a page, template or sidebar. Customisable and easy to install!

Evernote SiteMemory
WP-Evernote can add Evernote SiteMemory Buttons on the bottom of post that you selected, you can change the options of buttons quickly and easily.

Integrates Yommy.com widget into posts and pages.

WP Most Simple Social Bookmarks

WP Most Simple Social Bookmarks is a plug-in designed to add major social bookmarks to your website.

Embed Facebook
Just paste the URL of a facebook album, photo, event, video, page, group, or note in a WordPress post/page, the plugin will embed it for you.

Feedburner Subscription Widget
Feedburner Subscription Widget is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to insert a feedburner email subscription form widget in your sidebar.

Tumble is simple-to-use and allows you to manually send Posts, Images, Audio, and Video to Tumblr from within your Dashboard/Media Library.

Design & Development

A WordPress plugin to create a theme and customize its structure in an easy and interactive way

Theme Check
Run checks on the current theme before uploading to wordpress.

YD WordPress Plugins Framework
Description: An object oriented PHP framework for easily building WordPress plugins and widgets.


WP-pluginInfo allows you to use a shortcode to list information about your activated plugins.

IP Dependent Cookies
Plugin IP Dependent Cookies makes your WordPress installation more secure adding your IP to salt (which makes cookies IP-dependent).

xili Post in Post
xili-postinpost provides a triple toolkit to insert post(s) everywhere in webpage. Template tag function, shortcode and widget are available.

Theme Logo
Add an option to change your themes displayed logo.

Unhook While Switched Framework
A framework for unhooking plugins while switched in a WP network.

Event Banner
This WordPress plugin manages the banner or any of the blocks which will turn automatically changed when some important event are occur

Browsing a site as an admin, icons are added to external links indicating their nofollow status. Clicking the icons toggles nofollow status via Ajax.

WP Cache Blocks
WP cache blocks can be cached in any part of the wordpress theme, this plugin will make you site much faster and responsive.

Landing Page Triggers – Free Version
This is a free version of a plugin with more features. This plugin redirects users to a landing page after publishing a post.

VSF Simple Block
VSF Simple Block plugin. Allows you to select IP addresses, Hosts or Browser summary keywords via the simple block admin page to filter hits with

ThreeWP Login Tracker
Tracks all logins and login attempt on a blog or network.

Category Content
Stable tag 0.5.0

Al3x File Manager
A neat User/File Management with a jQuery frontend to display customizable directory/file tree.

HTML Embedder
This plugin allows you to easily embedd html markup into your posts.

Embedder by MozTools
A sophisticated plugin from moztools.com for organizing and inserting snippets of text and HTML into your blog.

Rotating Blogname
The plugin helps to change and rotate the title of your blog dynamicaly. Either random or following a list, changing every time, hour, day, etc.

Head Cleanup
Remove extraneous header tags from your site’s head area. Simple user interface that allows you to select what tags to remove.

More Tricks
This plugin alters “The loop” to include the custom post types. In addition, it will link posts to a category of their post-type-name.

Remove Redundant Links
Version: 1.3 Replaces links to the currently seen page.

This is a plugin to accelerate the speed of your wordpress, by generating real html cache file, the plugin will automatically generate real html files for posts when they are loaded for the first time, when the post published and a comment posted automatically update the html cache file.

WPMU Status dos Blogs
Lista todos os blogs criados.

WPMU Super Vote
Votação de Posts, com confirmação via email

Bulk Edit Custom Field
This plugin simply helps adding/updating custom fields in bulk, just like you can edit bulk pages

Contact Form 7 Modules

Add hidden fields to the popular Contact Form 7 plugin

Links Shortcode
The plugin provides the shortcode ‘links’. This shortcode displays a list of all links having specified characteristics, for example a link category name in your post.

WP Safe Search
WP Safe Search acts as a simple filter on posts/pages lists by hiding the posts belonging to categories and tags ids you have marked as restricted.

Back Data ass up
Database backup.

WPeMatico is for autoblogging, automatically creating posts from the RSS/Atom feeds you choose, which are organized into campaigns.

SEO & Marketing

BlogpressSEO by blogpressseo.com
This is a hack. Purely meant to disable a very spammy plugin called BlogPress SEO that added a backdoor to your blog.

Intelligent Traffic Generator (BETA)
Encourage the visitors to your website to publish the image from your post on their blog/forum to gain valuable backlinks to your website.

Amazon Widget
Amazon widget will take your AWS keys and a Search Term and display a single product with image in your sidebar.

WordPress Amazon Associate
Quickly and eaily monetize your webiste through the integration of Amazon products and widgets tagged with your associate id.

Best Buy Products Widget
This plugin allows you to display and sell Best Buy products on your blog. An affiliate account lets you make commission on the products you sell.

DS Ad Rotator
Plugin DS AdRotator allows you to store banners and display them in a given zone.

Portaljumper.com pj feed monster
Automatically creates posts from affiliate-network productfeeds and datafeeds.

AWeber Web Form Plugin
This widget allows you to quickly and easily install an AWeber web form on your WordPress blog using AWeber’s API.

Ad Inserter
Integrate any HTML code into WordPress. Just paste the code and select the location and display mode. Perfect for AdSense or Amazon ads.

This plugin enables the PixSpree advertising service on your blog.


BP My Home
BP My Home makes it possible to add moveable and collapsible widgets to BuddyPress Member’s home.

BuddyPress Profile Progression
BuddyPress Profile Progression is a simple plugin that adds a progress bar in the member profile, which displays the percentage of datas filled.

Suffusion BuddyPress

A compatibility pack for the Suffusion WordPress theme with the BuddyPress plugin.

BP Group Reviews
Adds a reviews/rating section to BuddyPress groups. As seen on the buddypress.org/extend/plugins


Easily create your conference speaker’s page using CPT – Speakers.

GCal Events List
GCal Events List retrieves future events from a public Google Calendar and shows data in a widget.

Shows a searchbox for opening hours (business hours) of shops.

Property Press
Turn your WordPress installation into a feature-rich Real Estate website.

Inquiry Form Creator
inquiry-form-creator can make form for inquiry.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

This plugin allows users to manage projects and tasks.


Shopify Importer
Import products from a Shopify.com online store into your blog.

MoneyPress ebay edition
Our MoneyPress eBay plugin allows you to display products for sell on eBay based on keywords you choose.

An easy to use PayPal e-commerce solution with only downloadable goods in mind, hassle free installaton and many configurable settings.


English: Activates a Swedish National Encyclopedia (NE) fact bubble on your website. Swedish: Aktiverar NE:s faktabubbla på din sida.

MMO Quotes
Uses shortcodes to quickly format quotes from MMO and other developers.

Foliamaptool Easy Google Maps
Foliamaptool is the easiest way to create great-looking Google Maps and driving directions in your blog.

Tip of the Day
Tip of The Day is a plugin that display random tips, quotes, polls… for your users, in a widget.

Famous Quotes
A widget that displays a random famous quote in the sidebar.

Douban Collections
Douban Collections provides a douban collections (books, movies, musics) page for WordPress.

Scribble Maps KML Embed
Provides a full WordPress interface for embedding maps created on ScribbleMaps.com

Pretty Simple Progress Meter
Pretty Simply Progress meter is a clean and fun way to share your tracked progress on everything!

An easy to modify poll system that uses Google Charts to display the results

Experts Exchange
This plugin creates a widget which provides a basic search form to submit a query at http://experts-exchange.com.