Weekly WordPress Plugin Directory Releases and Updates 12/09/2010


Restore Automatic Update (ru_RU)
Allows to update any outdated Russian WordPress package to the latest release from ru.wordpress.org.

Version: 1.0

It is not issued any 404 error message, but looking for similar sites and forwarded to any results or output a list of possible matches

ICS Comment Referrer
Adds the referrering link from which a commenting user came from to comment notifications and Comments screen. WARNING: PHP 5 only.

Remove WP Generator Meta Tag
This plugin will remove the generator meta tag from the head of your page.

Shortcode Reference
This plugin will provide a list and details about available shortcodes in your current installment. And all when you need it most.

WP Title Lister
Wp title lister is a plugin which is arranged for especially archive sites of wide blogs.

The WordPress Admin Design isn’t nice and it’s stressing! This theme clean up all admin design and makes your posts more relaxed.

Menu on footer
Creates a simple configurable unrolled menu on your wp footer.

Links in Captions
Easily add links to image captions in the WordPress editor.

RSS Feed Reader for WordPress
Output RSS to HTML with this simple plugin. Easy to install, set up and customise.

Insert a JavaScript to blogs HTML-Head-Section to prevent from loading inside frames.

Show/Hide Adminbar in WordPress 3.1
Provides a setting to show or hide the new admin bar in WordPress 3.1

Dynaposty Dynamic Landing Pages
DynaPosty lets you define url variables and create shortcodes for corresponding dynamic content fields. Translation: Easiest. Dynamic. Landers. Ever.

Database Browser
Easily query and browse tables in your database, and download in XML, JSON, CSV and HTML format

MobilePosty Mobile Site Generator
MobilePosty let’s you re-organize and redesign your existing content very quickly into a custom site optimized for mobile browsers. MobilePosty:

Upload files to the netdisk

Hierarchical Custom Fields
This plugin will allow a user to add/edit/delete parent and child custom fields within a hierarchical structure.

Compact Archives Widget
reate a widget for Compact Archives plugin.

HU Permalinks
Fixing the hungarian letters with accents in the permalinks.

Chronological Spam Removal
Plugin removes comments from the comments table that match blacklisted items, have too many links, or contain a author url (not default).

Code Prettify
This plugin using google-code-prettify to highlight source code in your posts.

lorem shortcode
The lorem shortcode for WordPress plugin adds a new shortcode to WordPress, the [lorem] shortcode.

WordPress Gzip Compression
Enables gzip-compression if the visitor’s browser can handle it. This will speed up your WordPress website drastically and reduces bandwidth usag

WP Status Dashboard
When used in conjunction with the “WP Status Dashboard” PHP application (available on CodeCanyon.net), this plugin keeps the dashboard infor

Web Ninja Comment Count Fixer
Automatically checks the number of comments a post has and compares them to the comment count and fixes the count if the count is wrong.

WP Bar Removal (beta1)
Remove Admin Bar Backend and Frontend | Donate | WP Overview? | WP Missed Schedule?

Case-Insensitive Passwords
Enables case-insensitive authentication for new passwords created on your WordPress website.

Ultimate Blogroll
Enables your visitors to submit a linktrade. Your visitors can add their own website and you can keep track of the in- and outlinks.

http:BL Reloaded WordPress Plugin
http:BL Reloaded WordPress Plugin allows you to verify IP addresses of clients connecting to your blog against the Project Honey Pot database.

Advanced Menu Widget
Enhanced Navigation Menu widget.

WP Attention Boxes
A specialized code snippet tool that provides one click acess, when editing posts, to 4 different CSS-styled DIVs for custom purposes.


Eventbrite for Pods
Eventbrite Event Registration on your site and API syncing to show Attendees on site.

Version: 2.1 Automatically monitizes your WordPress blog .

Event scheduling and RSVP tracking.

Newsletter Meenews
Plugin to send newsletters, manage lists of subscribers, shipping selective, choosing the post and send personalized messages.


BP User Profile Map
Add a map display of a members location to their BuddyPress profile.

This plugin replaces the plain multiline text field on BP forums by a CKEditor.

Design & Development

K2F Adapter
K2F is a generic framework for Rapid Application Development (RAD) in PHP.


Hybrid Web Cluster – Reseller Integration
This plugin turns any WordPress blog into a full-featured resale channel for any Hybrid Web Cluster powered web hosting platform. All you need to get

GoodRelations for WP e-Commerce
Adds GoodRelations metadata as RDFa to WP e-Commerce plugin

WordPress Printable Gift Certificate Plugin (WP Gift Cert)
A plugin that allows you to sell printable gift certificates for your service based business. Requires Paypal/Paypal IPN.

Blog Promotion
Start using our Blog Promotion plugin on your site and receive 150%-300% extra traffic free!


SlideShare Embeds for WordPress
Enables you to embed a SlideShare presentation just by putting its link in your WordPress post.

Homepage Slide Show
Homepage Slide Show is a plugin that allows you to display a flash slideshow on your homepage.

This plugin will detect all images in your WordPress that are not being used no more. It will mark all the images.

Single MP3 Player
Sound spectrum driven single MP3 player with full XML support.

Browse photos from Google Picasa album and add them to post/pages.

Smart Slide Show
Smart Slide Show is a plugin that allows you to display a flash slideshow on your site.

WP Rotator
Rotator for featured images. Slide or crossfade. Posts chosen using query vars, just like query_posts() uses.

Useful Banner Manager
This banner manager plugin helps to manage the banners easily over the WordPress blog. It works with BuddyPress too.

Create easily a nice gallery of videos for your site with youtube and flv videos.

Rename Media
Rename underlying media files from the WordPress media management interface

Royal Gallery Plugin for WordPress
Royal Gallery Plugin for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to display a flash gallery on your site.

my beautiful tubes
my beautiful tubes is a plugin which allows you to post video on your content in different positions.

Chip Get Image
A flexible image script for adding thumbnails and feature images to the post.

Sliding Image Gallery XML v7
XML driven dynamic sliding image gallery for product showcase / banner rotators with thumbnails.

Change your WordPress Gallery in a jQuery Slideshow. On the fly!
This Last.FM plugin allows you to show your recently listened to tracks, most played tracks, friends and shouts on Last.FM as a widget on your blog.

Gecka BgStretcher

The plugin allows you to add a large image (or a set of images) to the background of your web page and will proportionally resize the image(s) to fill



Extends the standard WordPress widgets to be able to run on another blog on the site

WP MU Showreel RSS
Show a custom RSS feed with the latest posts from all your blogs

WP Symposium
A new suite of social networking plugins, starting with a forum.

Posts & Pages

Smart Related Posts Thumbnails
enable your to display the post thumbnails for every post

See attachments
Shows all attachments for a post or page in a box on the edit page.

W4 post list
List your wordpress posts as you like in post or page or in sidebar widgets. !!

This plug-in installs a sidebar widget and an optional content filter to list related posts.

Post Title Counter
Display post title count in real-time when creating your post in your WordPress blog.

PopularPosts WP
This plugin allows you to show your most popular posts as a widget on your blog!

Relevant Posts Widget
A widget to show relevant posts of the current post by categories and tags. 把同类及相同标签的相关文章显示在侧栏上的小工具。

help you avoid a situation where you publish post but forgot to set title / tags / categories / faetured images / etc.

Feature Posts Widget
Adds a widget that can display posts from features category.

Post/Page content tabset
Lets you embed tabset in your post/page area and also show your desired custom field values in a post/page area

Ratings: clean, lightweight and easy

This plugin will process an uploaded .docx file, extracting all the contents as a post.

SEO & Marketing

Taxonomic SEO Permalink
This plugin manages WordPress taxonomies and modifies url structure based on taxonomies.

Analytics Installer
Allow you to install and access full feature of Google Analytics inside your WP Admin Page. It is really simple but powerful

Nofollow Benifit
Improves your blog PageRank and search engines rankings (search engine optimization).

Web Ninja Google Analytics
Enable Google Analytics on all of your pages instantly and add Google Analytics Stats to your Admin Dashboard and Posts.

Ad Injection
Injects any kind of advert into existing WordPress posts. Can restrict who sees the ads by post age, visitor referrer, IP address. Cache compatible.

Strictly Google Sitemap
Strictly Google Sitemap is a feature rich Google XML Sitemap plugin designed with performance in mind for large sites.

Market Trends Comparison Graph
There are many different ways to measure markets in the US. Your visitors will enjoy playing with this market comparison graph generated directly fro

Simple Site Valuation
This plugin will allow you create an badge showing your site’s valuation and/or some key seo data … more here: http://ministatus.com/mini_blog/

Bye Maridjan
Several functions for optimization SEO blog, SEO solution for your WordPress blog.

Social Media

go Social
Enables you to display the social media icons using direct twitter/facebook/buzz/digg api for every post

Add User Profile
Adds RSS, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, mixi, Skype on your profiles.

Followers Count
Returns your Twitter Followers Count. Reduces the Twitter API calls by updating hourly and serving a database cached result in between.

Displays the OneTrueFan bar on your blog.

Like Button for Twitter by Truelike
Publishers, get the Like Button for Twitter here! Let your visitors tweet about your content promoted it on Twitter and on Truelike.com

Sliding Image Gallery XML v6
Dynamic sliding image gallery for product showcase / banner rotators.

Shortcode [coolEye] + TinyMCE button, embeds CoolIris wall in post/page by: keywords,user,album,group for images+videos @ Flickr,Picasa,YouTube.

Facebook Fan box
Like the Facebook Fan Box, this plugins provides a widget to show then number of followers (and the profile pictures of some of them) on Twitter.

WP Socially Related
Automatically include related posts from Twitter, WordPress.com and Bing Search into each of your blog posts

Twitter Mentions as Comments
Twitter Mentions as Comments scours Twitter for people talking about your site & silently inserts their Tweets alongside your existing comments.

Fan Count
Returns your Facebook Fan Count. Reduces the Facebook Graph API calls by updating hourly and serving a database cached result in between.

Facebook comments counter
Add comments counter from facebook

Tweet Images
Allows you to post images for tweets to your blog from your Twitter client. Creates a post per image.


FCChat Widget
FCChat displays a highly customizable, full featured, real time chat in the sidebar.

Real time Apple,Inc. Stock Market Graph
Show the Apple, Inc. real time stock ticker display graph to visitors. Google data is displayed live with little delay.

WPCandy Dashboard Feed
This plugin adds a widget to your WordPress Dashboard that pulls in the most recent posts from WPCandy.com.

WP Weather Hacks
Display weather reports in the sidebar.

ProtectCopyBlogs [Protect your WordPress Blogfrom fraudulent copies]
This plugin will Prevent and CopyProtect Your WordPress Blog from fraudulent copies .

Nabigatu Euskaraz
Nabigatzailea euskaraz ez dagoenean erabiltzailea ohartarazi

BlastChat Client for WordPress
Chat service for your website or blog.

Call to Action
Displays the most relavent Call to Action in your sidebar based on the content of the page

Javascript Chat for WordPress
wp_jschat is chat plugin for wordpress based on Javascript/Ajax that can be used in page or as a shoutbox.

Learninglog offers teachers and learners advanced functions to use WordPress as a learning tool.

Live Celebrity Popularity Comparison Chart Generator Widget
Who wants to know which celebrity is the most popular according to Google? With this popularity graph generator you can see Google’s search trend

Live Political Popularity Comparison Chart Generator Widget
Engage visitors by letting them pick politicians & compare their grass roots political popularity visually with this graph generator sidebar widge

Whatpulse Widget
Shows WhatPulse.org statics on your sidebar inside your weblog. Just provide a valid user ID.

CS Tools
CS Tools provides tools to help promote Christian Science products and activities.

This plugin enables NETBibleTagger on your WordPress site.

Daily Stock Market Graph Generator
This stock market graph will provide your visitors with NASDAQ, S&P and DOW JONES side by side in a comparison graph with real time data.

Snow Storm
Display falling snow flakes on the front of your WordPress website for a festive presentation.

Urakanji Wiki Converter
Urakanji-Wiki-Converter be able to use wiki markup in your post.

Exibe vídeos do iteia através de shortcodes

Secretcv İş İlanları
Bu eklenti Secretcv.com sitesinden belirlenen ayarlara göre iş ilanlarını alıp sitede yayınlar.

This plugin creates blog posts under any user specified categories, from Amazon.com search queries. Requires a valid access key pair for Amazon Produc

Smart AD Tags
Smart AD Tags is a plugin which allows you to show banner ads on your own blog post in different positions.

Eingeschränkte Zugänglichkeit zwecks JMStV. Zeitliche Steuerung der “Sendezeit” eines Blogs: Alle oder ausgewählte Seiten.

Notify your coworkers about a new blog post through the Basecamp Campfire group-chat service.